May 232008

By THE CANADIAN PRESS, Calgary Sun, May 23, 2008 (Link no longer valid:


America wants our water: Kennedy

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Canadians should be seriously concerned about Americans who want to steal Canada’s water.

Kennedy is in Peterborough, Ont., today to deliver a speech at a Great Lakes conference, and in an interview with The Canadian Press, he warned Canadians that their water is at risk.

He says the United States is just beginning to experience a severe water crisis, and a common solution being cited is to gain access to Canadian water.

Kennedy says every Canadian should be petitioning their government representatives to toughen the rules on water protection.

He also says Canada and the U.S. both have good environmental laws, but the major problem is they are not being properly enforced.

Kennedy says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not a friend of the environment, and criticized him for opting out of the Kyoto Protocol and slamming the idea of a carbon tax.

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