Jan 242011

People from Ontario through Manitoba to Saskatchewan are uniting to stop the cross-country trucking of high-level radioactive waste.  It places unnecessary risks on everyone who is travelling on our major highways. 

It is impossible to move the amount of accumulated radioactive waste with no accidents.  And the trucking HAS TO go on the main highways:

–        The law requires that dangerous goods have to be transported along routes that have immediate access to emergency services.  The Trans Canada and Yellowhead Highways fit that bill; other roadways do not.

–        Main highways are the ones built to accommodate the heavy loads. 


In the early 1980’s Saskatchewan fought down a uranium processing plant.  But then it got built in Ontario. 

TODAY, citizens in Ontario are connected with people in Saskatchewan.   Our fight is their fight.  The transportation of high-level radioactive waste is a bad idea.   The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) estimates that it will take 30 years of trucking just to move the existing radioactive waste from Ontario to Saskatchewan for “deep geological” dumping. 

People along the route that would transport the high-level radioactive waste are uniting in force to say:

–        It might be good for the industry.  It’s not good for us.

–        The responsible action is to continue to store the waste in the locations where it has been created.  Each jurisdiction must deal with its own radioactive waste. 

One of the reasons for transporting (removal) of the waste is to “out of sight, out of mind” it.  

The actions of Manitoba and Quebec in establishing laws to prohibit the importation of radioactive waste into their jurisdictions for disposal helps to ensure that other people won’t be placed in danger by the transportation and dumping of that waste.  

Please spread the word to people in Saskatchewan, it is now our turn:  a ban on the importation of nuke waste into this Province will be an act of solidarity with people in all provinces.  Indeed, there is now a world-wide movement to stop the transportation of radioactive waste anywhere. 

Information meetings in Saskatoon, LaRonge and Prince Albert, Feb 1-2-3.  These communities would be on the transportation route. 

NORTHERN SPEAKING TOUR – Dr. Jim Harding:  Why Saskatchewan Needs a Nuclear Waste Ban 

Dr. Jim Harding, author of Canada’s Deadly Secret will speak on the issue of nuclear waste why we say NO! 

PLEASE mark your calendars and plan to attend: 

All events begin at 7:00 PM

February 1 – Saskatoon

Frances Morrison Public Library Auditorium,

311 23rd Street East

February 2 – La Ronge

Kikinahk Friendship Centre

320 Boardman Street (corner of Boardman and Bedford)

Contact:  (306) 425-2051

February 3 – Prince Albert

JM Cuelenaere Public Library

125 – 12th Street East 

Videos & more info:  Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan:


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