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(1)    Premier Brad Wall is moving ahead once again on the nuclear agenda, in spite of the public consultations in summer 2009 that said “no”.   The following are now posted to the blog, in case anyone wants access to some of the past information we circulated. 

   2010-10-28   CORRECTION  Polonium is not plutonium! 

   2010-10-26   Letter: Ban nuclear dump, new Bruce Power web site, Hanley on unconventional fossil fuels 

   2010-09-13  Petro-state: there is no opposition.  Premier Brad Wall on “value added” for uranium.  NDP Opposition Leader Lingenfelter on nuke in Saskatchewan.  (The nuclear power is for tar sands development.) 

  2009-12-24  NUKE:  The University has soul-searching to do while it still has a soul to save.  

  2009-12-15  NUKE:  Introduction to corporatocracy, nuclear given green light in Alberta 

  2009-12-04  NUKE, Nuclear Waste.  Who is the NWMO?  Tactics.  John Ralston Saul “On Equilibrium”. 

  2009-11-29  NUKE  3.   The Chronology  IMPORTANT INFORMATION 

  2009-11-29  NUKE  2.  Panel decision – more Govt funding for the industry.  Medical isotopes. Hyperion. Small reactors.  UDP. University of Saskatchewan. 

(Note:  I haven’t found NUKE 1.  of this short series yet.)

  2009-10-21   Uranium mining moratorium B.C.  The result of one man’s efforts, Dr. Bob Woollard.  

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Saskatoon, Prince Albert and LaRonge are most likely on the planned route for the transportation of high-level radioactive waste.  Please send this email to everyone you know in these communities.  They should know what the plans are and what the alternatives are.  

Penny and I did a tour at the end of November that took in P.A., Smeaton, Nipawin, Tisdale and Melfort.  Local media were very interested and published very informative articles following our visit.  I will be in attendance at these meetings and look forward to connecting and re-connecting with old friends!  /Sandra


– Why Saskatchewan Needs a Nuclear Waste Ban

Jim Harding, author of “Canada’s Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System” will visit three Saskatchewan communities to speak about proposals to build a nuclear waste dump in our province and why we should say NO!
Tuesday, February 1, 2011   7:00 PM 
Frances Morrison Public Library,  311-23rd Street East, Saskatoon, SK. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011   7:00 PM 
Kikinahk Friendship Centre   320 Boardman Street, La Ronge, SK 

Thursday, February 3, 2011   7:00 PM
JMC Public Library,   125-12th Street East, Prince Albert, SK 

You can find posters for these events on our web site, feel free to download, post and forward to your networks:

You can read more of Jim’s columns on our web site:

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