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Hi Kimberly,

Many thanks for the film Unacceptable Levels.  (Trailer at

You address an issue near and dear to my heart.

I can tell from the trailer that it covers the bases.  I’m looking forward to viewing the film.

You help empower people by presenting the film.  They will help spread the word.

For my part:  I’ll post your web page link to the F/B groups on the “List..” (explanation follows).    They are active, passionate people’   They’ll welcome your film, I’m sure.  Will also spread the word into my email networks.

(I received notice of the film (appended) from the Sask Eco Network.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Sandra Finley

British Columbia, Canada

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EXPLANATION OF THE LIST ( A “suggestion” for you)  ALLY GROUPS:

Suggestion, based on people making the link from CHEMICAL companies to the biotech (GMO) companies.  They are, of course, one and the same corporations.

“Monsanto” is the metaphor that encompasses chemical poisoning of the environment, the food supply and big-time corruption of Government.

It is difficult to obtain change, because of the influence they (the chem/biotech corporations) purchase with their $$$$$$.

An act of empowerment, after people see Unacceptable Levels:   join the March Against Monsanto (MAM).   It struck a chord and has taken off.

The next (and third) big global day of action is May 24th, 2014.   Each March brings out more people.   If there isn’t a March in your community, they are easy to organize via facebook.  Or however people want to do it.  Put something up now, so that like-minded people in a community can find each other.

Monsanto is one of the biggest chemical companies.

There has been great mobilization (the March Against Monsanto) because of the GMO food – – Mother’s who are frustrated by the GMO contamination of the food supply.   They are learning about the simultaneous increased chemical load on the environment that comes with GMO food.   And so on.

This page from my blog emphasizes the MAM’s in Canada (the organizers, Tami Canal from Utah, may have been hit with a tsunami of interest – – people here were having trouble finding Canadian groups, so this is a tool to assist Tami’s work.  But the main contact points for the March outside Canada are provided, too).

List of March Against Monsanto (MAM), No to GMO, & GE Free Groups, emphasis on Canada   

As mentioned, I’ll post the link to your film trailer to the F/B groups on this “List..”.

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I learned of Unacceptable Levels from this notice, Dec 2 screening: 

 Premiere Screening in Saskatoon!

Dec 2nd at 8:00pm at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon.

Don’t miss this hugely important screening of UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS on Dec 2nd at 8:00pm at the Broadway Theatre to be followed by panel discussion.

Over 82,000 chemicals are now being used in a variety of industrial processes and are making their ways into our bodies through the food we eat, air we breathes and the products that we use. Unacceptable levels takes us on a journey to discover where these chemicals are coming from and how they are entering our bodies and how they are affecting our health. Check out the trailer here:


Jennifer Sass – Saskatoon’s very own Jennifer Sass, is now a senior scientist at the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in Washington, DC. For years, she’s been studying the myriad effects of certain pesticides and plastics on the environment (and thus ourselves). She has been interviewed on CNN and in the New York Times, and has even been called to testify in front of Congress about her findings.

Jennie Weselowsky – Jennie has a passion for healthy people, a healthy environment, and ways to reduce toxic exposure. She currently works at Dad’s Organic Market as a Natural Living Consultant specializing in body care and supplements and is active with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society as their fundraising coordinator.

Peter Prebble – Peter Prebble is Director of Environmental Policy with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.  He served as an MLA in the Saskatchewan Legislature for 16 years, and is author of several recent publications on climate change and energy policy.

Dr. Louise Gagne – Louise Gagné is a family physician at the Saskatoon Community Clinic.  In addition to her medical practice, she teaches integrative medicine and nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine.


Cost is based on Broadway theatre pricing. For Broadway members it is $7 for adults and seniors and $5 for 12 years and under. For Non-members it is $10 for adults and seniors and $5 for 12 years and under.

This is an important film and we are lucky to have these amazing speakers on our panel! Please spread the word through your networks, tell your friends and family.  Chemicals just got personal.

For more information check out our Facebook page here: or contact us at or (306)652-1275.

535 8th Street East 
Saskatoon SK  S7H 0P9

Phone: 306-652-1275
info   AT

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