Nov 272013

Things that did not make sense suddenly become clear as day.

  • why is the Government proceeding with the registration of GMO salmon?
  • why the closure of fisheries labs on the West Coast?
  • why can’t the Government tolerate scientists?
  • for how little will people sell their souls?

I highly recommend the video “Salmon Confidential” and bless the people who made it:

  • Alexandra Morton – the scientist
  • Twyla Roscovich – the filmmaker


69 min

(A back-up copy (film only, without the blog info) is at


Closely related posting:  Dr. David Wallinga . . . antibiotics in animal feed.

    • Wallinga explains what happens when you put animals into closely confined quarters.
    • “Salmon Confidential” adds more insights, but based on fish.
    • The same happens when you overcrowd human beings.  We are all forms of LIFE.

Diane writes:

The following “Canadian Approval(of GMO salmon) should not be happening and if you have any doubts please watch “Salmon Confidential“. 

Salmon Confidential is a new film on the government cover up of what is killing BC’s wild salmon.


Canadian Approval Puts ‘Frankenfish’ One Step Closer to Dinner Plate  (a petition to sign)

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