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Dr. Woollard sometimes visits Saskatoon because he is on the accreditation committee for University Medical Schools.  I had a conversation with him about adding his weight to the nuclear battle in Saskatchewan.  He was willing.  Unfortunately I never followed through on coordinating his efforts with ours.  There is a link to a recommended document …   /Sandra

Fri, 16 Oct 2009

Dear Dr Woollard, 

Is it possible to obtain from you the critical pieces of documentation that were used to establish the moratorium on uranium mining in B.C.? 

I am from Saskatoon.  

We are fighting to stop the uranium/nuclear industry / Government of Saskatchewan agenda for:

– expansion of uranium mining & exploration

– nuclear power production

– the siting of radioactive waste disposal in Saskatchewan (for the whole continent I would say)

– the entrenchment of the “Canadian Nuclear Studies Centre” at the U of Sask. 

Last evening (in Vancouver) I gave a talk on the “Canada – U.S. Western Energy Corridor”, tar sands expansion, nuclear energy development and the privatization and export of Canadian energy resources. 

The host was the World Federalist Movement monthly meeting.  

An older woman told me about your work.  As I understand you were almost single-handedly responsible for getting the moratorium on uranium mining in B.C. , the moratorium is significantly based on health effects and that the evidence you used was largely from the uranium mining in Saskatchewan. 

I will be back in Saskatoon in a week or so. 

Thank-you for your consideration. 

Best wishes,

Sandra Finley 


10/21/2009     Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. I have been travelling to get to work here in Nepal and have been challenged with connections. This is likely to get worse again in the next few days so let me propose a plan.

Thank you for your interest and for your willingness to fight on behalf of your  communities. At present I am working in Nepal and will be back in Vancouver at the end of the month. I wonder if the best plan might be to link up by phone when I get back so we could talk for a half hour or so and delineate the material that would be of greatest value to you. I am copying my assistant Paul Kendal and if this plan works for you perhaps you can let him know and we can arrange a time at your convenience. From there we can see how I can best be of assistance-the intervening 30 years have not diminished my concerns about the potential impact of this industry, nor does it seem there have been significant technologic or regulatory changes sufficient to make it any safer.
I look forward to talking to you on my return to Canada.
Bob Woollard

Robert F Woollard, MD, CCFP, FCFP
UBC Department of Family Practice
Suite 300, 5950 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3
Tel: 604  827  4753
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Thanks for your input Dale.   I had a long telephone conversation with Bob.  Need to get back to him with update.  He comes to Saskatoon periodically becuz he is on accreditation body for med school.  He has some good ideas for how to go about “creating waves”.   Bit I am short of time on my end of things! 

I hope you are enjoying holiday rest and re-generation.


From: Dale Dewar    Sent: November 11, 2009 2:26 PM
To: Sandra Finley
Cc: JimX Harding; Karen. Weingeist; Cathy. NUKES Holtslander; ValNUKE Drummond; MichelleNUKE Blanchette; MarkNuke Bigland-Pritchard; KarenNUKE Pedersen; JudyNUKE Schachtel; VirginiaNUKE Scissons; Larissa. NUKETOrgFVCExec Shasko; Jim. S & Marion Penna; StefaniaNLS Fortugno; EleanorNUKE Knight; Elaine. FVCExecTOrg Hughes; DarcyNUKE Hande
Subject: Re: Uranium mining, the fellow behind the B.C. moratorium 


I trust that someone has been able to take you up on this.  Bob Woollard is a marvelous guy – besides haven written the policy piece for nuclear power and uranium mining in the 1980’s for the British Columbia Medical Association – which has “stuck” all these years AND also behind the BC moratorium, he was a founding board member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, former head of the Department of Family Practice.  He was in Nepal as part of his commitment to education for health care.  He’s a guy who knows when to make small waves that magnify as they move. 

Best wishes 

Dale Dewar, MD, FCFP

Executive Director, 

Physicians for Global Survival


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On 5-Nov-09, at 4:30 PM, Sandra Finley wrote: 

Oh goodness – I am in over my head.   Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut.  I need your input (aside from ”close your mouth”): 

While in B.C. I asked who was behind the B.C. uranium moratorium? 

The answer is  Dr. Bob Woollard, Professor UBC Department of Family Practice. 

I was told that the data he used to get the moratorium was Saskatchewan based. 

I googled and then sent an email to Bob  – he was in Nepal.  He is more than willing to help  and  “From there we can see how I can best be of assistance”  

 Bob’s assistant, Paul Kendal, is in contact to set up the telephone call.

Which is lovely except that I know VERY LITTLE about uranium mining, health and moratoriums, and what we want to do on this front.  I am a little panicked! 

They supplied a link (below) to the document that was a major factor in getting the moratorium, as I understand.  But I haven’t read it. 

I don’t think we have a specific group in Clean Green that is focused on a moratorium on expanded mining of uranium? 

I don’t think we have an actual strategy on this?   

How do you want to move forward on this one? 



From: Kendal, Paul    Sent: Thu Nov 05, 2009
To: Woollard, Robert; Finley, Sandra
Subject: RE: Uranium mining moratorium 

Good morning Sandra,

I’m writing to see if you’re back yet so we can schedule a call with you and Bob.  Please let me know either by email or at 604  827  4753.

Thanks,   Paul 


If you could please let me know what time of day is best for a phone call, we can work to set aside some time for the two of you to speak.  For now, in case you have not yet seen it, a summary of the BCMA report is available here  (http://www.ccnr.org/bcma.html).



Paul Kendal
Administrative Coordinator
Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc)
David Strangway Building, UBC
#300 – 5950 University Blvd
Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z3
t:  604 827  4753

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