Sep 232014

From: Sandra Finley

Sent: September-23-14

To: Gordon Barnhart, President of the University of Saskatchewan;  Vianne Timmons, President of the University of Regina

Cc: ‘Elizabeth Williamson, Secretary, U of S

Subject: A note re investments


Dear Gordon Barnhart and Vianne Timmins,


I sent the following information to investment people.   I would be remiss if I didn’t send it also to the Universities, at least in Saskatchewan.  JUST IN CASE you did not catch it through other channels.


Best wishes,

Sandra Finley

Elected Senator

U of S

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

From: Sandra Finley

Sent: September-23-14

Subject: A note re investments


Hi Tom and Marlis,

Just in case you have not seen it – I am sending these developments to you  because of significance for investments.

The full story includes a group of students who started “Divest/Invest” four years ago.   They made it difficult for the Ivy League Universities to hold onto fossil fuel investments in their endowment portfolios.  Down to the situation today:  Rockefeller heirs  have joined in a pledge to divest more than $56 billion of fossil fuel investments to reinvest in clean energy on the eve of a major climate change summit in New York.

There’s an excellent interview on the developments, by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now.   Click on

(The ABC News Report is at


This all comes at the same time as the 310,000 protesters in the streets of New York (Sept 21).  Joined by thousands more in various cities around the world.

The protests continued into yesterday, with people in NY arrested last night.   The Guardian newspaper report:

Dozens arrested as police face off with Flood Wall Street protesters

 Anyhow, thought you might like to know.



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