Sep 242014

Video of MP Calandra, House of Commons:

There is no reason to put up with this behaviour.

Small steps are important.  They empower all of us  … and then the tide turns.  So…

I expressed my displeasure directly to Calandra by forwarding an email thread:


From: Sandra Finley     Sent: September-24-14

To: ‘’   (or 613 992 3640  or Fax: 613 992 3642)

Subject: FW: unreal exchange

How do we as citizens satirize this behaviour to the point that it becomes unacceptable?

MP Calandra needs to become a laughing stock of the nation.


I guess another alternative is to provide feedback to him – – in case he can’t figure out things for himself.

I appended contact information from his web page.  He represents Oak Ridges – Markham.


Even before she was elected Elizabeth May tackled the problem of conduct of parliamentarians.

She can’t bring about change by herself.

Citizens are the bosses.  Calandra can get away with this, only if “the bosses” allow him to do it.

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Subject: RE: unreal exchange

It’s bad enough that Calandra believes this is acceptable (and he appears to be right given the Speaker’s non-role).

But worse:  his fellow members of caucus don’t have the balls to refuse to applaud.

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Subject: unreal exchange

It really is unreal ! Paul Calandra, Conservative MP, should be taken out back. Despicable behaviour.

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Province / Territory:Ontario

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