Mar 172015

Bill C-51.   Secret Police / Anti-Terrorism

It’s about U.S. Surveillance,  U.S. “Homeland Security”, American hegemony.

(Hegemony is the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others.)

That’s the Elephant in the Room.    Ya better put it on the table, folks!  Bad outcomes if we don’t.


We have followed the developments – –  American military intrusion into Canada – –  over the years.  I won’t repeat the list.   Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald have confirmed the legitimate basis for citizen action.


1.    Australia passed legislation six months ago that is similar to Bill C-51.   2014-09-26  Journalists and whistleblowers will go to jail under new national security laws, Australia, The Guardian

2.    Canada, Australia, the U.K., and N.Z. are in an “intelligence alliance” with the U.S.  (5 countries).  The acronymn is FVEY, hence the common name “Five Eyes”.  It is a successor to ECHELON, the espionage of the Cold War.   Info at   Journalists and whistleblowers will go to jail

To my thinking,  the distinction between Espionage and Surveillance has been erased.   I googled and found this article on that theme:

3.    The Minerva Initiative  (U.S.)

. . .   The goal of the Minerva Initiative is to improve DoD’s (Dept of Defence’s) basic understanding of the social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the U.S. The research program will:

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  1. From: Wayne
    Sent: March-17-15

    Subject: Britain needs independent scrutiny of intelligence, says former head of MI6

    Hi Sandra

    I feel this person describes an effective method to scrutinize intelligence and prevent the movement towards Harper/ Reform totalitarianism. Imagine, involving citizens and NGOs!


    Britain needs independent scrutiny of intelligence, says former head of MI6

  2. Chalmers Johnson (Blowback et al) has clearly established that terrorism is mostly a result of American intrusion in the affairs of other states. The list is long, beginning with Iran and the establishment of the monarchy. The sheepish activity of our government in following the American lead, thus wasting our treasure and lives to protect US business is unforgivable. More terror for Canada and the rest of the sheep is guaranteed.
    When Canada spent treasure and a few lives on peacekeeping duties we were well respected around the world. I was a member of the original UNEF and proud to serve.
    What we do now is a disgrace. I do not hope for much when the brilliant work of Chalmers Johnson is ignored at our peril.
    William G Young

  3. Yes, I have read Chalmers Johnson’s book “Blowback” which should be mandatory reading for all Americans! That is why we are in the shape that we are in today.

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