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With many thanks to Leo who has written provocative letters-to-editor for as long as I’ve known him.   Years ago I asked Leo if he’d run in the next election for the Green Party.   His reply, “Sandra, do you know how old I am?”.   – – No.   He had a big laugh.  He was well into his eighties!   He is now well into his nineties.

Email thread:

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On Mon, May 22, 2017, Leo Kurtenbach wrote:

To the Editor,

Water, water everywhere,–and not a drop to drink!–At least not here in Canada.

We have been told that on our planet Earth, there are about 663 million people who do not have safe water to drink.

Harrods is the world’s largest department store. It is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority, with parent offices in London, England.

Harrods will be marketing bottled water with the brand name “Limited Edition Bottled Water.” The price per bottle will be about $100 dollars!

However, it is obvious that $1OO bottled water will not be available for poor people.

Apparently, this “special” drinking water is melted into water from Arctic ice.  — We are also told that the glaciers are already melting at an accelerating rate, due to climate change, along with extravagant consumerism.

Water is the most important of all liquids needed to maintain the life and growth of all plants and animals, including human beings.– Using water for the sole purpose of creating profits, borders on an inhuman action, and should be viewed as an act of extortion.

However, there are instances where water can legally be used, but in the process may no longer be safe drinking water. Therefore, it is necessary that our governments maintain and enforce laws that clean drinking water cannot be used in the processing of commercial interests.  The export of Canada’s clean drinking water, if it is available, should  be allowed only when it is deemed to be necessary to maintain the lives of human beings.

Leo Kurtenbach,   Saskatoon.

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From: Gordon Kurtenbach

Subject: Re: Water,water everywhere

Water is a good issue.

  • First, oddly enough, while we charge money for it, it literally falls from the sky.
  • Second, it self evident that those who use water for processing should have to return equal amounts of clean water back to environment.
  • Finally, to get us out of our water pollution debt, we need for it to be “return equal amounts + 1% more”.    This will eventually get the human race back to using water in a sustainable and ethical way.

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