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From: Adam Smith   Sent: June 12, 2017 5:58 PM

I have emailed every senator my letter about the folly of the infrastructure privatization bank.

Below is the email to the senators, attached is the letter to the PM, Finance Minister, and my MP about the CIB.

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Feel free to use whatever you want, copy paste even, no attribution necessary.  Don’t forget to address the emails as properly as possible.



Subject:   The Honourable (Senator’s name):   Bill C-44, The CIB vs the Bank of Canada…


Dear Senator  (Name),

My name is Adam Smith, I’m a Canadian citizen and resident of Ontario who is deeply concerned about the government’s plan for an unnecessary infrastructure privatization bank when we already have the publicly owned Bank of Canada, which in combination with Bill 143, the Municipal Improvements Assistance Act, served successfully as our infrastructure bank for many decades.

Attached is a thoroughly researched and fully sourced letter I wrote to MPs, detailing historical and technical reasons why we do not require an infrastructure bank and how the Bank of Canada can easily suit such needs, including alarming information of the private sector conflicts of interest involved in devising this bank, which deviates significantly from the Liberals’ campaign promise to “use its strong credit rating and lending authority to make it easier and more affordable for municipalities to build the projects their communities need.”

The Senate has already considered the need to separate this legislation, proving the Senate is indeed the “house of sober second thought” and still has important relevance to our democracy.

I implore the Senate to strike Division 18 of Part 4 from Bill C-44 in its entirety and influence the government to return the Bank of Canada to previous levels of monetary financing and economic activity, instead of creating new burdens of public debt, fees, and taxation.

Thank you for your time,

Adam Smith

(contact info)


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