Jun 262017
Banksters: Index

I think we all “get it”:

  • Infrastructure spending ($188 billion, the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB), privatization of public assets)
  • The trade deals, most imminent the NAFTA re-negotiation

are part of the same parcel.

(REF:  2016-07-08  Democracy overtaken by Corporatocracy = coup d’état.  Citizens fight to regain democracy = Revolution (insurgency).  Corporatocracy fights to hold on = counter insurgency.

Joyce (Beyond Banksters) talks about clauses in the trade deals that are for the benefit of the Bankster Fraudsters.

I was looking at the “import of clauses” from one trade deal to another.  They keep ratcheting up, whatever they can get.

So, what can be expected to come into the NAFTA re-negotiation from the TPP negotiations?

about the TPP and current status  – – see 2017-06-26  RE: NAFTA re-negotiation. Where does the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) stand?     (Trump took the U.S. out of the TPP.   It was declared dead.  But as of May 21, 2017,  Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is working on Canada and other participating countries – – they will have a TPP without the U.S.  The TPP was initiated under the Conservatives, PM Harper.)

Andre Downs is the Director General of Global Affairs Canada.  He is listed on the “pro-TPP” side of the debate on the TPP.

The public submissions re NAFTA re-negotiation are to be submitted to Global Affairs Canada.

I will be appreciative of any further research on Downs and “his team” (below) – –  a start.

I find his views, as expressed in the youtube, disconcerting – – quite shocking.  What is his background?

WHO IS the Chief Economist / Director General at Global Affairs Canada?
André Downs

What does he think?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG4Wf443PbQ  

André Downs works as Director General / Chief Economist for Global Affairs Canada.
André can be reached at 343-203-2406

First name
Last name
Director General / Chief Economist
Telephone Number
Alternate Number
Fax Number
Street Address
125 Sussex Drive (view on map)
Postal Code
K1A 0G2
Global Affairs Canada
Trade Analysis

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André Downs’s team
Nadine Haddad Executive Assistant 343-203-2405 125 Sussex Drive Ottawa Ontario Canada
Qiang Xu Economist 343-203-2351 125 Sussex Drive Ottawa Ontario Canada

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