Nov 252017

(contains names of researchers on mercury)

by Dr. Wm. Deagle MD


Dr. Murray Vimy DDS, Ph.D. Dental Pathology & Toxicology asked me to calculate the total body burden of mercury in patients based on inhaled vapors of mercury produced by chewing gum on the facets of mercury silver amalgams. The equipment we utilized was a part per million mercury vapor meter and a micro-voltmeter to measure the voltages across amalgam filling with two “mercury-silver” or three “gold” crowns etc. anywhere else in the mouth. Differential oxidation of the metals creates a relative potential difference and thus a voltage. As well the tooth amalgam interface acted as a piezoelectric battery that would generate more voltage under the compression of chewing. We easily demonstrated increased amalgam voltages and many parts per million mercury vapors after chewing for 10 to 15 minutes standard chewing gum. Dr. Vimy had read the groundbreaking work of a German Dentist and Inorganic Materials Chemist during WWII. His research proved the toxicity of mercury in living systems and questioned the use in the common Dental Amalgams that had been invented more than a century before in France. This report fell on deaf ears, due to the rise of the Nazi German Reich, even though he had trained many leading British and American Dentists on Dental Metallurgy, and they had respected his work in the thirties before the war. It was our goal to establish that mercury vapor was released in toxic level by chewing. Murray asked me to calculate the expected body burden based on dispersion equations and prior research. My study of the toxicology of mercury brought me to the calculation equations from many studies including the WHO in Geneva. When we plugged out expected vapor concentrations and body mass into the equations, we quickly became alarmed that they exceeded internationally recognized limits for mercury toxicity.

As you may or may know, when a doctor had an old style mercury blood pressure manometer break, the resulting cleanup required men in space-sealed separate Scott air-pack suits with micro-vacuum devices for picking up the ‘quicksilver’ liquid metallic mercury. Forty years ago classroom science instructors played with this material, and student often had it on their desks, as I did in grade two in our private school. Obviously the toxicity of mercury was not common knowledge in the mid-sixties.

Dr. Murray Vimy went on to complete his masters and doctorate in Dental Toxicology and Pathology. Many dentists in the US, Canada and other nations have met terrible opposition from their licensing authorities, and many lost their licenses for removal of amalgams. Things have turned around in the last decade, notably at the University of Calgary, where I did my first research with Dr. Vimy and their medical department has demonstrated neurotoxic effects on the nerve tubulin protein assembly as the growth cone end of developing nerves. Mercury bind to the tubulin preventing it from snapping together end to end, leaving the end of the nerve unable to grow, with degeneration and nerve death resulting. This process prevents new nerve connections and the developing brain is most sensitive to these changes.

A video clip is available on Alex Jones website and I have attached the links in the latter part of attached references to the U of Calgary pathology video-presentation with graphics and electron microscopy of the effects of mercury on developing neurons.

The GTP binding of mercury is just one of the terrible things that happens. It floods neurons and the supporting glia or ‘glue’ cells around neurons that nourish nerve cells with free radicals, excess Calcium and induces brain cell programmed death called ‘apoptosis’. It depletes the Glutathione in nerves, which removes the peroxinitryl radical, the most dangerous radical and the probable source of brain damage in Alzheimer’s brain cell death and neurofibillary tangles and amyloid deposits that gum up nerve cell function.

There are several forms of mercury from inorganic mercury vapor resulting from tooth amalgam surface production, after chewing. Many dentists still give these amalgams, and should become informed that combined with other sources such as vaccinations, transoceanic microparticle dust from North Africa, and the Far East, and ground water and food contamination, the developing nervous system is particular vulnerable. Substitute materials should be used as the new ceramic materials are more cosmetically pleasing and do not have mercury or other heavy metal toxins in their structure. No dentist in America, Canada or the Western world should use mercury or be disciplined for removal of this environmental hazard that has for centuries been placed in our unsuspecting mouths.

The vaccine form of mercury is ethyl mercury salicylate, and is even more toxic and removed slower from the body than methyl mercury. With the number of vaccinations now eighteen to twenty plus, children before school entry have had a total load of mercury that by itself exceeds the total accepted by all major bodies, including the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics. An astute pediatrician in the mid-90s did some calculations on the amount of ethyl mercury in the multiplying vaccinations and was alarmed by the totals she arrived at exceeding toxic limits. With calls in the 90s by the FDA to check for heavy metal toxicity in all medicines, the vaccinations were under scrutiny. As you can see from the spectrum of abstracts in the reference section, Dental Schools here and overseas, vaccine manufacturers, and doctors regulatory and educations bodies have tried to stem the tide of vaccination refusals by parents concerned with the autism and neurodegenerative links with mercury. Dr. Ball of the FDA called for the removal from all vaccinations. Has this happened? No, they are tapering. Strange way to taper, when many of the vaccinations, including the MMR and flu, as well as many of the hepatitis vaccinations are laced with higher concentrations that a decade ago. Current stocks and timetables for removal of all mercury from vaccinations has met stubborn persistence of the addition of Aluminum based preservatives, with some mercury in some vaccinations. Only a few have totally eliminated mercury from single dose vaccinations such as the hepatitis vaccination.

The research at the University of Calgary is conclusive. Mercury is not Vitamin M. It prevents the nerve growth cone from advancing leaving nerve ending stripped and degenerating, and causes nerve cell death or apoptosis. This is a travesty in this day and age of advanced dental pathology, neurotoxicology and Immunotoxicology. My colleague Dr. Ari Vojdani has proven with Federal Certified testing that mercury causes anti-nerve protein antibodies, and makes your immune system attach your brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. He was the director of Immunology Research at UCLA for years and now runs the top immunology clinical lab in America, ImmunoSciences of Beverly Hills, Calif. . The mountain of evidence now cannot be disputed.

Lets not just stop with vaccinations and dental exposure. What about food, water, and air. Dr. Shinn Ph.D., USGS, US Geological Survey scientist presented in October 2001 satellite photos to our American Academy of Environmental Medicine, showing African dust spreading microparticulates across the South Atlantic jet stream to North America and from Asia to the North Western US. There are estimated to be upward of 100 million tons per month striking the Gulf of Mexico and dumping over Southern States and South Eastern seaboard states. These contain fungi such as Aspergillus that is destroying the coral reefs, but also bacteria, and more importantly mercury and toxic pesticides not allowed in American farming. The particles contain 1,000 to 10,000 times the toxic limits by weight as American soils, and are readily carried into our lungs to disperse methyl mercury and inorganic mercury that is toxic to our nervous and immune systems.

Let me repeat “Mercury” is everywhere. Lets get the toxin out of all vaccinations NOW! Lets test challenge test levels as we do for lead in our children in our cities. You must challenge the body with chelators sometimes for days to have the mercury displaced into stool or urine. Otherwise it is so toxic the body will remove it and sequester it to protect our immune and nerve biochemistry from toxic free radicals and death. There is no more discussion on the science of mercury toxicity. It is over. Anyone who says otherwise is a quack and a medical sociopath or political criminal.

Dr. William Shaw heads up Great Plains Laboratory in Lenexa, Kansas. He was the director of the University of Washington Inborn Errors of Metabolism research team for years, and had done many years of research on laboratory diagnosis of the metallothionine protein and organic acid changes from mercury inducing autism. These patterns are easily identified and his laboratory findings are highly recommended for initial testing besides neuropsychological evaluation with a professional in autism. Periodic stool testing for mercury and other heavy metals with oral or intravenous chelating is done at Doctors Data in Chicago or other toxicology Labs such as the Federally certified Accu Chem Labs in Dallas, Tx. This is a ‘molecular holocaust’, and make no mistake, if it is not delt with the rising incidence of neurodevelopment disorders from 1 in 25,000 more than a decade ago to 1 in several hundred of autism alone is frightening to the informed.


Mercury is not Vitamin M.
Vaccinations should not have ethyl mercury salicylate, PERIOD.
Mercury damages developing human and animal brains, and we can see the retraction of developing nerve growth cones, and the brain cell death that results.

The environment sources of mercury include amalgams, food, air and water. Jets stream dust is a national disaster, and must be delt with on international levels. Our children breathe in garbage burned in the third world.

Drink filtered water, especially for children.

Test for heavy metal toxicity early and push for regular screening as many states do for Lead testing to prevent IQ damage, and neurobehavioral disorders.

Dr. D. Says “If we do not heed my warnings, investing in Alzheimer’s units and prisons.”

God Help Us from this “molecular holocaust”.

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