Feb 162018

  makes abundantly clear that Canadian sovereignty is on the line.

Tearing up NAFTA? Please start with Chapter 11   (re Bilcon’s $500 million claim against Canadians)


Michael reinforces, with a specific case, what millions of protesters are saying.   Coincidentally, that is the point of the summary in:

2018-02-13  About Summits. Cost, # Police, # Protesters, # Arrests & WHY?      (G7 Summit, Charlevoix, Quebec, June 8-9, 2018).


2018-02-13  “Seeing Allred”,  a film   (Gloria Allred is an American lawyer, in her seventies, with a long history of fighting for rights.)


2018-02-05 The constitutional complexity of pipelines: It’s as clear as bitumen, Jason MacLean, Globe and Mail   I was curious about the assertions that jurisdiction over the Kindermorgan pipeline resides solely with the Federal Govt; that BC has zero jurisdiction?


2018-02-11 Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013, CPS emails show   UK prosecutors wouldn’t let Sweden drop the demand for extradition.  (Which explains a lot!   I thought that Sweden was disgracing itself, in its conduct of the Assange case.   There was more than the eye saw!)

2018-02-05 Lauri Love ruling ‘sets precedent’ for trying hacking suspects in UK

A UK ruling blocks extradition of Lauri Love to the US for prosecution.  A UK citizen has to be tried in the UK.

2018-02-06 U.K. arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange upheld, Toronto Star


2018-02-17 Did Big Pharma and WHO corruption trick the world into Tamiflu? Video.

2018-01-20 About flu shots and vaccines. Del Bigtree’s latest “Highwire” episode on YouTube.

2018-02-06 Indian Study Reveals Birth Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine UnnecessaryImportant information for those fighting for choice in the vaccination schedule.  Well-written article.   Related to . . .

How long does it take for a newborn’s liver to mature?  What are the consequences of a damaged liver?  Why do the Americans administer the Hepatitis B vaccine on day 1 of birth?


2018-02-04 Lou writes: Sri Eawaran’s February 4, copied from my very old “Words To Live By”


2018-01-29 Important development re NAFTA Chapter 11 (ISDS clause), the Bilcon Digby Neck case

2018-01-20 It appears that the NAFTA ISDS clause does not exist. A note to the CBC.

2018-01-22 Help sue for government ethics  (Democracy Watch)


2018-01-18 the international agreement on tax havens with “enough loopholes to drive a fleet of Ferraris through”, Joyce Nelson.

(Joyce´s latest book is Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism. The sequel, Bypassing Dystopia, will be published by Watershed Sentinel Books in March 2018.)





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