Jul 112018

You may have guessed:  I am making plans now, to attend the following.

Please help spread the word.  And let your MP know your position (not necessarily the same as mine!).     Thanks!  Sandra

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CORRECTION:   I did not write the notice below.   It is wrong in the statement “By July 22nd, the Trudeau government will decide . . .”  (the buy-out of the Kinder Morgan).    As I understand,  July 22nd was the date of a Kinder Morgan shareholders’ meeting at which a decision would be made to accept (or not) the deal to purchase.

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We have less than 2 weeks to stop Trudeau’s Big Oil buy out.

By July 22nd, the Trudeau government will decide whether or not to finalize the multi billion dollar deal to buy out Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline with our tax dollars. Before they do, let’s show them that resistance here on the Salish Coast is here to stay.

This weekend, join Indigenous water protectors for a massive flotilla in resistance to Kinder Morgan. Here are all the details:

WHAT: Protect the Inlet Flotilla: By Land and By Sea
WHERE: Whey-Ah-Whichen (Cates Park), North Vancouver
10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday July 14th

RSVP if you will be there to protect the land, water and climate from Kinder Morgan.

We know that when we rise up, we win. Thanks to Indigenous led resistance, Kinder Morgan’s made it clear that its ready to walk away from the Trans Mountain pipeline. Let’s show Trudeau that he’d be wise to walk too.

Thanks to people power, Trudeau’s own caucus is torn on this issue. After historic resistance on the BC Coast and in over a hundred communities across the country opposing the pipeline buy out, the NDP forced a vote in Parliament. They voted on whether to support real climate leadership and investment in renewable energy, or to “spend billions of dollars on increasingly obsolete fossil fuel infrastructure.” A few Liberal MPs voted in support of the motion — showing the cracks in Trudeau’s inner circle caused by our movement.

Trudeau’s liberals are nervous about the the political costs of a billion dollar Big Oil buy out. It’s why they’ve refused to offer a public forum on the Kinder Morgan deal. Let’s give every politician in this country a reason to doubt the passage of this pipeline.



PS – Did you hear about the People’s Town Halls on the Kinder Morgan pipeline featuring screenings of the new documentary “Directly Affected”? Find one near you or sign up to host one.

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