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This is a bombshell:

2018-11-01   Alberta regulator privately estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions more than what it told the public, National Observer

Background     REMINDER: A tally, citizens are on the hook for . . .

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The obliteration of the regulatory function has created a mile-high mountain of liabilities to be paid for.  The magic solution?  . . .   ANOTHER gift to the Corporatocracy – – sell off public assets (only the ones that are money-makers), but re-brand the process.   It’s “asset recycling”.   Sounds good, eh?!   (A continuation of the conversation on “Beyond Banksters” and the Bank of Canada’s role in financing public infrastructure.)

2018-10-30  Will the Trudeau government ‘recycle’ Parks Canada ‘assets’? by Brent Patterson

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The arrival of  US Southern Command On Ecuador’s Shore is a story with elements of the Canadian bombshell,    Alberta regulator estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions . . .  

Former President Rafael Correa sought to hold Chevron (Texaco) responsible for incredible damage it did mining oil in the Amazon forests of Ecuador.   An award against Chevron for U.S. $9.5 billion to help pay for clean-up was upheld by the Constitutional Court of Ecuador.   The amount pales by comparison with the estimated costs of clean-up in Alberta and Saskatchewan.   Who is going to pay?   Through the Regulatory system, the answer is “those responsible“.   UNLESS, as has happened in Ecuador – – – see

The  BACKGROUND  for US Navy Ship (US Southern Command) Lands  . . .

2018-10-21   US Navy Ship (US Southern Command) Lands On Ecuador’s Shore to Give Free Medical Care

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2018-10-10 Venezuela and the US: Contrasting Worldviews at the UN, teleSUR

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A cool (cooling?!) initiative started by a teenager in Sweden, picked up in Canada by an 11-year-old from Sudbury:

SAVE THE DATE Friday, December 7, 2018  Climate Reality Canada, iMatter Canada and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada.

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2018-10-29 Water: pushing to block for-profit water extraction and bottling, right across Vancouver Island

The attempts to have “equity interests” in water, the same as in oil and gas, go back a long way. Simon Reisman was the chief negotiator for the Trade Deal with the U.S., under Prime Minister Mulroney. They “had to” give away the Exemption on Water that Canadians insisted be in the Trade Deal (and was – – – up until “the 11th hour“). 

The U.S. wouldn’t sign the Deal if there was an exemption on water. 

Michael Keating, a Globe & Mail reporter, wrote the book, “To the Last Drop” (1986).  He quoted  Canada’s Chief Negotiator Reisman’s speech to an Old Boys’ Club in central Canada, telling them of the riches to be had by selling water to the U.S.  He said (even then it was known): the Americans are going to need water so badly, all we have to do is to put a tap on a pipe at the border, and collect the royalties as the water flows south.  

Canadians have been pretty successful in blocking export of bulk water, but not in stopping the “equity” interests, the bulk withdrawals, bottling in plastic, and profit-making.  There is a  call for joint action.

In the U.S.  there is a national association of lawyers that do nothing but litigation over water rights.  Water goes to the highest bidder – – those who can afford to hire a lawyer experienced in the field.   Do nothing and that’s what happens here.


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2018-11-08    A Billion People: #FirstThingsFirstProject   jams Emily Carr University of Art & Design


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