Nov 202018

I want to protect the existence of that tree;

I want to protect that water.


Like these people in Australia did?

2018-04-01    It’s only natural: the push to give rivers, mountains and forests legal rights, The Guardian

How?  – –  or, maybe Derrick Jensen can answer the question:

Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet (Derrick Jensen, author of EndGame)


Let’s get this right.   Can I protect that water or forest in some way that does not involve “legal rights”?   A serious question,  I am asking you.   Legal rights are embedded in a justice system that, as currently defined, requires lawyers, lots of money, and seemingly infinite time.  It defends “rights” of interests that should not have a particular “right”.  In my experience, it is a pretty dysfunctional system that in large measure might serve corporate and big government interests, but abysmally meets the needs of the society and the biosphere.  With tragic consequence.

Our job,  if we want to protect the Earth of which we are a part, includes transformation of jurisprudence (in the words of Thomas Berry).

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Some of the groundwork that has been done in the last 40+ years for the Rights of Nature.   I wonder who remembers?  Or knows?   A fellow from the U.S. speculated that he knew nothing because the U.S. was the only country to vote “No” to the Charter for Nature.  (Those who “abstained” from voting did the same, no?)

1982-10-28   United Nations “World Charter for Nature”

2000-03    The Earth Charter

2015-12-04   Third International Rights of Nature Tribunal, Paris

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What’s on F/B?  one of the groups:

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and Tribunal Story,   youtube:

In short,  I don’t want to stamp out fires.   I want to pursue actions that get at the root of the problem.  And I want to do it at the local or regional level.

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IS it because Canada is vast, with a thin concentrated band of population along the 49th parallel,  otherwise thinly populated,  or is it Our general affluence?: 

If you look at how the Charters for Nature came into being (above),  you see lands laid waste and THEIR PEOPLE  rising in resistance, and then CREATING effective remedies.

Every bit as much, and more, of Canada has been laid waste.

2018-11-05    REMINDER: A tally, Canadians are on the hook for . . .

2010-05-21   Important collection of information on water and disease. Petrochemical industry.

2010-02-11   The problems we get into when we do not have a separation of powers between the state and commerce, Jane Jacobs.

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I fear that we are being led to become morally lazy. Our affluence has given many of us almost immediate access to virtually anything we want. We have grown comfortable with indulgence, and we don’t want to feel guilty about it. Guilt prods us toward the hard work of changing. That’s why we want our heroes to be flawed like we are. They assure us that our weaknesses, addictions, moral lapses, and compromises are not unusual. Such heroes become mirrors reflecting a comfortable image that says, Hey, don’t get so uptight about your failures and lapses. We’re all like this.”
Michael W Smith

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Most people kind of knew that the U.S. had issued an indictment, a formal charge, against Assange.   Assange understood it.

2018-11 16   Justice Department mistakenly reveals indictment against Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

2018-11-20   Police challenged over refusal to disclose files on WikiLeaks staff, from Computer Weekly

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(I don’t think you’ve seen the ones in hot pink):

2018-11-16   Surveillance Kills Freedom By Killing Experimentation, Bruce Schneier. from “The End of Trust”.

In my book Data and Goliath, I write about the value of privacy. I talk about how it is essential for political liberty and justice, and for commercial fairness and equality. I talk about how it increases personal freedom and individual autonomy, and how the lack of it makes us all less secure. But this is probably the most important argument as to why society as a whole must protect privacy: it allows society to progress.

We know that surveillance has a chilling effect on freedom. People change their behavior when they live their lives under surveillance. They are less likely to speak freely and act individually. They self-censor. They become conformist. This is obviously true for government surveillance, but is true for corporate surveillance as well. We simply aren’t as willing to be our individual selves when others are watching.   . . .

  2018-11-15 Nov issue of Crypto-Gram, by Bruce Schneier. A free monthly newsletter providing summaries, analyses, insights, and commentaries on security: computer and otherwise.

2018-11-16  the BLIND SPOT in Privacy Commissioner’s investigation of StatsCan (getting personal data from the private sector)

2018-11-13   POLL:  Canadians strongly oppose Statscan’s plan to obtain the banking records of 500,000 households. Globe & Mail.

2018-11-13  Blind men describing elephant: Reply to “I wish I could persuade you that everyone gains from what is being proposed” by StatsCan (collection of data from Banks)

2018-11-12    My reply to “StatsCan plan to scoop customer spending data from banks”

2018-11-11  The law that lets Europeans take back their data from big tech companies, CBS 60 Minutes.

2018-11-08  Senator ‘repelled’ by StatsCan plan to scoop customer spending data from banks, IT World Canada

2018-11-06   News Release from Senate of Canada: Senate committee to probe Statistics Canada’s request for Canadians’ banking data

2016-08-23  MK Ultra: CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) – The Fifth Estate   (“THEY wouldn’t do that!)

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#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike Solidarity with our young people. SAVE THE DATE Friday, December 7, 2018 Climate Reality Canada, iMatter Canada and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada.

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2018-11-09 Federal judge blocks Keystone XL pipeline, saying Trump administration review ignored ‘inconvenient’ climate change facts

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2018-10-21 US Navy Ship (US Southern Command) Lands On Ecuador’s Shore to Give Free Medical Care

2018-11-06 Background for “US Navy Ship (US Southern Command) Lands On Ecuador’s Shore to Give Free Medical Care”

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2018-11-11 Monsanto (Bayer), Roundup: ‘Troubling allegations’ prompt Health Canada review of studies used to approve popular weed-killer, CBC

(Shout out:  A review by Health Canada (the PMRA) is mockery.   The PMRA serves its clients, the industry. 

The only potentially credible review will be by an independent, third party, NOT lined up by Health Canada.  Between the PMRA and CropLife Canada,  be assured, there will be conniving to ensure an industry-friendly Reviewer.)

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