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The last email I sent to full network was Dec 15.    Subject: Letter sent to International Trade, re Export of Water.

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Local action on the protection of water is catapulting right across Canada.  

       MOVED.  Is now its’ own posting:      2019-01-28   Water, list of recent postings & intro to the “Strathcona Resolution”


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(There’s very serious stuff coming down the pike in February.  I’ll get to it, after more work on the export of water.)

Much good news.  Enough to stop and celebrate!   Whoo hoo!

2019-01-16 Health Canada, No independent review of Roundup Herbicide (Monsanto now Bayer), from Canadian Cancer Survivor Network and Prevent Cancer NOW

 a petition.

2018-11-29 Bayer Slashes 12,000 Jobs as Monsanto Takeover Turns Sour, by Sustainable Pulse

2019- Oxford places ban on donations and research grants from Huawei, The Guardian

Does it really matter whether the funding is from Huawei, Lockheed Martin, or Monsanto-Bayer?    Trying to close the barn door after the horse has bolted.

2018-10-26 Cameco Appeal – Success! (Canadians for Tax Fairness)

2018-12-01 GMO’s: Brazil Court Rules Against Syngenta for Murder of MST Activist, teleSUR

2018-04-07 GMO’s: ChemChina’s purchase of Syngenta, 43 billion U.S. dollars, the largest transaction ever clinched by a Chinese company overseas

2018-12-05 US: 1st Criminal Charges Filed in Off-Shore Banking Activity, teleSUR. Panama Papers

2018-11-30 Meet the Guatemalan villagers taking a Canadian mining company to court, CBC Documentary, Peter Mansbridge

2019-01-15 “Cash-for-access dinners have made a return to Ontario politics and it’s a bad sign for democracy. … “At $1,250 per-plate to buy the ear of the premier, this is not a ‘government for the people.’ It’s a government for big banks, big developers, big nuclear, and big oil.”

2018-03-14 Canadian court awards $2.6 billion in Sino-Forest fraud case, Reuters   What are the consequences? 

2018-11-29 Rebuttal re Hillary Clinton (why does she have to be the enemy?)

2018-12-29 Stop adding cancer-causing chemicals to our bacon, experts tell the meat industry, The Guardian

Starkest warning yet about nitrites that turn cured products pink


2019-01-06 IMPORTANT, UPDATE on the request for USA Dept of Justice to investigate allegations of fraud & obstruction of justice, vaccinations and autism link

2018-12-03 The New Internet Police Protecting You From Freedom of Thought and Speech, NVIC, Barbara Loe Fisher

2018-12-07 An alert sent to OpenMedia, Propaganda flourishes if we can’t hang onto Net Neutrality.(re preceding, the new internet police)

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2019-01-16 Canadian military claimed a report didn’t exist — even though it ‘clearly’ did, Ottawa Citizen

2018-12-05 How False Testimony and a Massive U.S. Propaganda Machine Bolstered George H.W. Bush’s War on Iraq

2019-01 How a World Order Ends And What Comes in Its Wake, Foreign Affairs Magazine, January/February 2019 Issue

2018-11-26 America is the bad guy now, Opinion, Jared Sexton, the Globe & Mail

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“Unsettling Canada”, excerpts; Also, the obituary of its’ author Arthur Manuel.

2016 “Unsettling Canada, A National Wake-up Call”, by Arthur Manuel & Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson

2004-11-18 Supreme Court of Canada decision, Haida Nation v. British Columbia, Terri-Lynn Williams, Haida Gwaii lawyer, sucessfully argued aboriginal title/right, tree farm licenses.

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2019-01-08 In Western media, publishing fake news about Russia is a good career move… with no consequences

2018-10-12 WikiLeaks Publishes a List of Amazon Data Centers (from Data Centre Knowledge). Thank-you, Wikileaks.

2018-12-03 Former Guardian Editor-in-Chief Rusbridger talks journalism to Yale Law Students. Yale Daily News.

2018-12-31 JUSTICE FOR ASSANGE, Test of western democracy, from NewAge

You may wish to start reading at the heading:   Contagious act of resistance

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2019-01-02 Strange is our situation here upon earth. Albert Einstein 

2018-11-26 Extinction Rebellion chapters proliferating across Canada, rabble.ca

As “Rebellion Day 2” took place in London, U.K. on November 24, Extinction Rebellion Facebook groups are proliferating rapidly across Canada.

2018-11-19 Musician Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) in Ecuador to Support Amazon Peoples Who Won Landmark Judgment Against Chevron. (Connection to Canada)

  One Response to “2019-01-28 For Your Selection. Main emphasis: serious, the export of water.”

  1. BY EMAIL, FROM RENE (writing to “Paul”):

    First, I am very interested in the subject of water being outsourced to private enterprises like corporations that exist to maximize profits, not for the good of people. Why call me?

    Perhaps you already know about a book called ‘When corporations rule the world’, by David Korten. It is not science fiction!

    Business schools are currently professing that the corporate world is more efficient than government so they should play a part in ruling the world, just like the nazis and fascists said in the second world war.

    So we started asking questions. We found that corporations have no citizenship, so can’t be charged with treason, have the rights and privileges of humans but not the responsibilities of humans, they don’t DO democracy in their job description, (you know, government for the people, by the people and they, as I said before exist to maximize profits!)

    So water, being essential for human life, becomes a commodity, at the whim of those who would maximize profits as their reason for being is to charge as much as the market will bear. We have already seen the results when the giant Nestle company charges more than the price of gas, for something that covers most of the world. So we already know the results.

    The phrase that comes to mind is ‘looking for the grace of God in a (gangster den), right?

    By the way, you ask this just at a time in history when governments have been conned in to giving self-regulation to corporate entities !

    It is called ‘ regulatory capture’ and we the humans would be nuts to allow this. A further example of the danger of giving corporate rule for their profit, is John Kenneth Galbraith’s book, Economics and the Public Purpose, where he said that the corporations by their nature, will treat regulation as an enemy!

    If there is a war to save the humans from such a fate,we know now that war is a profit centre for the corporate world, just like cancer is also a profit centre and a cure for cancer and war is really unlikely to be cured as a result. In both cases, we the people, pay the costs in money and deaths!

    Another example, handed to the human race was Cochabomba Bolivia, where water control was imposed on the citizens. Read the story or call me back if the story becomes restricted access only.

    Another example of the foolishness of letting the corporations rule the world is Monsanto, now called Bayer to hide past sins of Monsanto ‘s genetic engineering, for profits, including terminator seeds, that have to be re-bought each year instead of planting some of last year’s crop, the next year.

    In answer to your survey, No, thanks, never ever, let corporations ‘manage water without a serious leash or control mechanism, administered by the people for the people, no self-regulation for corporations.

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