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UPDATE:  see  2020-01-27 Water export from BC: High court ends decades-old water dispute, Vancouver Sun.



Local action on the protection of water is catapulting right across Canada.

One woman, Brenda Leigh, Director on the Strathcona Regional District in B.C., is the sweat behind the “STRATHCONA RESOLUTION” re the taking of groundwater for export.  In one word:  CEASE!

Brenda does not need a “go-fund-me”.  She needs us to exercise our ingenuity:  what can we do in support?  Most important is to spread the word.

If the people who are driven to make money by exporting water are stopped in this location,  rest assured they will simply move to a location where people are poorly-informed.

Three postings;  there’s more in each one than the title indicates.  If you have time for only one,  make it the first one:


1.        2019-01-28   Taking of water for export. Director Brenda Leigh re “First in Time, First in Rights” policy

2.        The arguments related to our economic system are important.

2019-01-24  Export of Water, for profit.  “You cannot give up something that gives you income”. In a system that measures success by expansion – – every year “more”, always “growth” in sales.    When the product is water??

Includes a bit of history we’d all benefit from.

3.       Links to the Federal Government info on the Agri-Food Canada Program to expand export of water.  China is targeted, large growth potential.

2018-12-15   Submission, International Trade, re Export of Water.    (Sent to you on Dec. 15)

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(I don’t know how we’ll keep this list up-dated.)

RECENT POSTINGS ON WATER.  the above 3 and then this list to skim and select from, most recent at top):

2019-01-25 Strathcona Regional District board passes bottled water resolution for AVICC meeting, Campbell River Mirror

2018-11-13 The growing pains of updating BC’s water law, Watershed Sentinel, by Gavin MacRae

2014-05-22 Island glaciers will disappear in 25 years, scientist says, Times Colonist

2018-11-09 Province (Ontario) seeks to extend moratorium on bottled water taking permits, Guelph Mercury Tribune

2018-11-19 Layoffs at Nestlé’s Aberfoyle water bottling plant, Guelph Mercury

2018-11-24 Six Nations and Wellington Water Watchers join forces at Nestle protest, Guelph Today

2016-09-19 & 2018-04-12 Chilliwack chapter wants Nestle to “stop profiting from water; & Water campaigners hold action at Nestlé, the Hope Standard.

2016-09-30 A Look into Nestle’s Controversial Water Bottling Business in Canada, from Vice.com

2016-06-17 Water export, Vander Zalm, Four reports, 1 CanLii Comment: B.C. government guilty of misfeasance in long-running water dispute; B.C. businessman waged a two-decade legal battle against his province. A judge finally sided with him; Province appeals damning water export case; Premier Bill Vander Zalm and the Water War Crimes

1991-03-22 Raining on Water Importer’s Parade: Drought: The latest series of storms may have doused chances that a Santa Barbara firm will get a large contract to import water from Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, Canada.

1999-10-02 Newfoundland agrees to ban water export, with Ottawa’s help, CBC

2011-03-30 Plans to export water, though unpopular, keep springing up  

** A RAY OF SUNSHINE?    2018-12-16 ‘It’s essential to life’: Ofwat’s Rachel Fletcher sets a new course for water (The Guardian, Observer)

2019-01-09 U.S. Water Fluoridation: A Forced Experiment that Needs to End.  Lawsuit in the offing. From Children’s Health Defense.

The United States stands almost entirely alone among developed nations in adding industrial silicofluorides to its drinking water

2019-01-07 Plastic recycling to hit oil producers, from Petroleum Economist     photo:  mountains of plastic bottles, water bottles.

2014-05-28 Deep Water and Deep Leadership | Joe MacInnis | Walrus Talks

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