Sep 122019

Robt F Kennedey Jr, press conference, video.  Tells it the way it is.

Click on the little square on RFK’s chest.  It takes you to “Children’s Health Defence

Go down a little to press conference Sept 9, 2019, RFK.   Click on the button there,  NOT the video on top right.

CA SB 276 & SB 714 Signed Into Law by Gov. Newsom

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Vanessa left a question on the page  Heavy metals in vaccinations, Mercury in dental amalgams.

IS THERE AN ACTIVE LAWSUIT I CAN JOIN? I have multiple fillings and numerous health conditions.

Reply: September 12

Hello Vanessa,

I am not aware of any class action lawsuits that are currently in the works.

There is information about attempt at class action on mercury fillings:
2016-08 The attempted class action lawsuit against mercury fillings, 1998, Canada. 8,000 signatories.

Scroll-down to inquiries made to a couple of Canadian law firms. 2016. Decision: unwise to proceed.

I can’t find where I might have posted the experience of the fellow (Toronto) who initiated the 1998 class action. The group “Canadians for Mercury Relief” was formed in 1996 for that purpose. The time to contact people, the amount of fund-raising you have to do while simultaneously doing everything else, including looking after your family, literally broke the fellow. He mortgaged his home to raise money, he lost his home and a whole lot more. A tragic story.

Mainstream media steers a wide path around you, minimal help there.

My take-away is to pitch in wherever the struggle against the poisoning is strong at the moment, and has potential for significant advance.

There are a number of “fronts”. I suspect you have learned a lot about mercury poisoning, one of the fronts.

We learn successful strategies by trying different ones. Class action lawsuits? . . . no.

A direct Court Case by a single plaintiff? . . . yes, VERY successful against Monsanto and its agricultural chemicals.

Here’s a new video that originates in the vaccine issue, a Court Case against the Govt of California. A win there will be a big win here, a pitched battle at the moment.
GO TO: not the video top right. Go down a little to press conference Sept 9, 2019, RFK.

The video speaks to:  we are poisoning ourselves. And why might that be? Everywhere, the answer is the same. . . . the video tells it very well, along with “how to” get the win.

Awareness of the poisoning from the mercury in dental amalgams has not gone away. It will re-surface. In the meantime, build our strength and numbers.  Connect and share information.

What the polluters (the poisoners) are getting away with is criminal.  You will know that, better than most of us.



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  1. Thomas Levy’s Book HIDDEN EPIDEMIC (2017) ISBN 9780983772873 is an excellent place to start as a basis for new legal action. Pay attention to PART ONE (Chapt 1, 2, 3) :Undeniable evidence.

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