Sep 042020

From: Sandra Finley
Sent: September 4, 2020
Subject: To  CBC:  what gets reported  affects my decision to turn off the radio

Hello Gregor and Crew,

I appreciate On the Island.

I want myself AND others to have access to good quality media.


And you might want to forward this to the producer of World Report (precedes On the Island) because it might affect your listenership numbers.

Friday Sept 4,  I turned off the radio in the middle of anchor “Katie Simpson Washington” ‘s presentation of the 8:00 AM World News.  It was not good.  It was frivolous and could not be called journalism.   I needed to leave the radio off, including your programme On the Island, even though it had nothing to do with On the Island.

World affairs are important.  So is democracy.  I have expectations of the 8:00 am world news.

When I looked this morning after turning off World Report,  the CBC had nothing on the American story regarding Edward Snowden (not actually what caused me to turn off the radio).

Why, especially when Katie Simpson is reporting from Washington, was that not newsworthy?  Surely she would have known about it.

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