Feb 062021

Honourable Chrystia Freeland and Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

RE:  Request for “Pre-budget” input

“Same old” won’t work.

Your request for input is a component of a Communications Strategy.

As long as you persist with the teachings of the MBA and other “business” strategies,  you are undermining democracy.


When you inhale your own gas, and that of those fed the same diet, you come to think that it smells pretty sweet.

Rest assured,  the rest of us are not so enthralled.

It is a high sign of disrespect for our intelligence that you proffer, yet again,  a request for “input” as something other than what it is:  Communications Strategy from the legions of Communications Consultants you employ.  Because of the Intent and the way it is therefore delivered, it is not democratic process.

I’ve seen this show way too many times in Canada.  I know the outcome, short term and long term.

An enlarging mass of others are tuning in.  I think you know that.  But you do not like to know it, because of the implications for the vested interests.  When critical mass comes about,  the Canadian ideals of “Peace, Order, and Good Governance” go out the window.  (Well, the latter has already gone out the window, IMHO.)

Levels of corruption is the measure by which “good governance” is judged. (SNC Lavalin, Wee – – does not matter which party is in power,  it is systemic and it’s in the Canadian bureaucracy; also others of our “democratic” institutions.)

Firmly-entrenched Financial and “Influential” interests are back-seat drivers to Government.  They are REAL beneficiaries.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Finley

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  1. Corruption has (as in the USA) overwhelmed mainstream politics, MSM, medicine-pharma and the judicial system.

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