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Jack’s request for advice is appended.

Reply From: Sandra Finley
Sent: March 4, 2021
Subject: re Labor Force Survey  and  upcoming Census

Hi Jack,

When StatsCan reels in a live fish, they don’t like to let it go.   Unfortunately.

They don’t appear to evaluate the effectiveness of what they’re doing, or the quality of the information they receive.   Many people treat it as a joke;  if they participate, they supply silly answers.

What can I advise?   

               IN SHORT:

You can do what you like about the Labor Force Survey, continue with it, or stop with it.  They will tell you the same thing they tell others.

Fill it out, OR ELSE !! .”.    . . .  read on.


  1. I will send you TOO much information.  Just stop reading when you have what you need.  (I don’t know   enough about you to judge how much will be helpful).
  1. Evaluate – –  know what your situation is:

The 2021 Census of Population is TWO months away.  It’s a big undertaking for StatsCan, done every 5 years.

You might be a fish they’ve reeled in for the LFS,  but you are a very tiny fish, not worth eating.

There are a lot of Canadians who stand in defence of our Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information, and others who are very determined that StatsCan should not be collaborating with Lockheed Martin Corporation (American Surveillance, war crimes, and big-time corruption).

StatsCan faces large, and increasing resistance.   You tell me:  where are StatsCan resources going to go?    (they won’t be after very tiny fish, ESPECIALLY with the Census only two months away.)

  1. StatsCan relies on Propaganda and lies to make you think “everyone is happily participating”.   An example from the Census,  but it applies to Surveys, (building detailed files on citizens) too.

From StatsCan, the head Census guy at the time, Yves Beland, at the trial of Audrey Tobias (89 years old when StatsCan and the Federal Justice Dept brought charges against her – – she objected to the involvement of Lockheed Martin):

under oath.  From the Trial transcript:

14.6 million requests were made . . .


. . . for completion of the form?



We received a little bit over 13 million completed questionnaires for 98 per cent response rate.


(14.6 million households less 13 million) means that 1.6 million forms were not returned.   Which means that StatsCan makes serious errors in basic math.  1.6 million non-compliance out of 14.6 million (the 2011 census) is 11% non-compliance.

To claim that non-compliance went from 1.6 million down to a few hundred households from one census to the next (2011 to 2016), is streeeeeetching things a little too far!

StatsCan says

For the 2016 census, 98.4 per cent of Canadians filled out either the long- or short-form census. Most of the remaining 1.6 per cent couldn’t be tracked down or didn’t provide enough information to be counted properly.  Statistics Canada identified 347 people unwilling to fill out the forms. 

They “identified” 347 people unwilling to fill out their form does not mean that only 347 people did not comply.

The message they spin is   zippity-doo-dah!  EVERYBODY is filling in their StatsCan forms!   There are no problems here!  (The communications strategy is to Use words that minimize the problem – – 11% non-compliance and rising) 

As reported:

A record number of Canadians filled out the 2016 census, but there were still a few hundred people who refused.

Call it for what it is, and after consistent experience:  nothing but Spin Doctors, “Communications Consultants”.  They lie.  Compulsively and without a twinge of conscience, even under oath in a Court of Law.  The preceding is but one example.

  1. Then they use Threats to make you do what they want.

I just did a quick look.

There’s a Census “short form” and “long form” this year, as usual.   I have not yet read the questions on the long form.  But it’s safe to say that if you get that form,  they will pressure you to provide personal information, under threat of prosecution if you don’t, and regardless of the Charter Right, or Lockheed Martin, or Surveillance.

But you don’t need to worry.  The ODDS of being prosecuted are infinitely small.  Think about it:  maybe 60 prosecutions in Canada out of 1.6 million people.  Much less than 1 percent – – point zero, zero, zero, zero . . .  0.00004%

  1. Further:  I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted over the LFS.


(You might be interested in this, even though it’s about the Census:

2016-04-03 (A primer on the Census) Response to Interview of Chief Statistician, Wayne Smith. CBC 

I wish you well, Jack.



I’m not sure if the forum is still active since the last post was awhile ago; but, if anyone is still active I’d appreciate some advice. I too was contacted for the Labour Force Survey.   After many phone calls and out of sheer pressure I started doing these surveys online. Well it’s been 5 monthly surveys in and frankly, I’m getting tired of it and I need some advice on the best way to end this.

Thank You

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