Jun 182021

FW from Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Biometrics and Identity Management

It’s directed to a Canadian audience.

But, it’s the Canada-U.S. border.

The extrapolation for “the south side of the border” follows after.


The CBSA is using covid- induced fear to put Surveillance of Canadians into the stratosphere.

A tender notice or Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP) posted to the Public Services and Procurement Canada website on June 7   ~~~

I copied from the Government page:

Tender Notice – Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)


Publication date   2021/06/07

Biometrics and Identity Management (1000357607)


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has an urgent need to secure the services of a global organization (the “Contractor”) with knowledge of and expertise in biometrics. The Agency requires this organization to assist with the immediate establishment of an Office of Biometrics and Identity Management and to work with the Agency in researching, planning for and rapidly developing a strategy and roadmap related to the use of Digital solutions enabled by supporting technologies in biometrics, in response to the COVID 19 situation and other operational priorities. The Contractor will bring knowledge, capabilities, and experience to support CBSA’s urgent need to establish a biometric strategy, biometric foundation and ultimately a Biometrics Authority (Centre of Excellence). Specifically, the “contractor” will assist the CBSA with the development of a comprehensive approach and plan to manage, evolve and adapt in using biometrics to deliver the mission of the agency while considering our interrelationship and joint ventures with other federal government departments and agencies and our international partners.

– – – – – –

Are you (burp n) nuts?!   (Not you personally.   All of us, collectively.)

I am not going to ask the Government for anything.

It’s better if we all just tell each other.

Be sure to connect with every immigrant and marginalized person you know.  They are the best ones to understand the significance of the CBSA Tender Notice.

From what I know of Surveillance States (Police States)  I don’t embrace them.  I thought you might like a say in the matter.

Cheers!    /Sandra Finley


I don’t think this is about CANADIAN BORDER SERVICES AGENCY    (CBSA).   Because, when you string together the developments over the years,  it isn’t “Canadian” – – not anymore than Canadian National Railway (CNR) is “Canadian”.  It isn’t.


RE your question:  How widespread is the knowledge of this among the Canadian public, thus far?  (as at 2021-06-14)

I do not know how many Canadians are aware.  Not many, I suspect.  HOWEVER, it is very “disgusting” for you (an American), directly – – – BECAUSE  developments over the past years tell me that it isn’t about the CANADIAN border.  It’s about the CANADA – U.S.  border.

Vaccine passport?   Put it in context to understand it.

What’s happening under the name of the CBSA ostensibly applies if you’re living in Canada. HOWEVER, it applies equally if you’re on the south side of the border.

There has been an effective “merger” of military, education (especially higher level), technology, business, agriculture, politics, vaccination . . . down to (now overtly)  the  Office of Biometrics and Identity Management – – –  a “Centre of Excellence” no less, as the tender states – – at the border between the Canada and the U.S.).

Don’t kid yourself – – – Canada would not be undertaking this on its own.  The U.S.  dramatically expanded their Biometrics funding some years ago.  The expanded centre is on the East Coast of the USA.   It was about the same time as they invested $2 billion into the centre in Utah for collection of everyone’s e-communications and  phone calls (digitized).

During the time I was on trial over the Census (Canada),  and  in conversation with persons in other countries fighting the same thing (in the U.K. for example)  it was quite obvious that  people in the U.S. were oblivious to the role of Lockheed Martin in your Census Bureau  (construction of ever-increasing detailed files on individual citizens;  GPS coordinates for all the buildings (homes and potential homes) were being built into your individual record at the U.S. Census Bureau).

I recall reading a transcript from a U.S. Govt Committee – it’s in my files somewhere – – a Committee tasked with oversight.  The Committee asks questions.  The answers from the Administration of the Census Bureau gave zero clue that Lockheed Martin played a large role in their operations.   BTW:  your censuses are every 10 years.  Ours are every 5 years.

You know the NSA is behind the collection of all your (and our) emails, texts, and phone calls (digitized).  And that Lockheed Martin is one of the prime surveillance contractors to the NSA.  Not the only one.

Raytheon’s tracking capability of your (but it includes Canadians) physical movements are astounding – – the ability to PREDICT with VARYING PROBABILITY where you will be on a given day of the week for example.   There’s a link on my blog to a promo video that Raytheon put out a few years ago, to demonstrate to potential buyers (clients anywhere in the world), just what Raytheon software is capable of.  It constructs from the data collected from cell phones, etc.  It IS truly astounding.)  

More people in Canada have become more clued in, over time.  The prosecutions of people for non-compliance with the Census data collection (increasingly more, and more personal) have been useful for building awareness of “what’s going on”.  The Canadian census happens to be in progress right now.

The data-gathering is not restricted to the Census.  It’s on-going relentlessly, year-round, every year through “Surveys”.  And other means.   Under threat of prosecution if you don’t hand over the personal information that they want.  What gets done on this side of the Border, eventually gets done on the other side.  And vice versa.  The introduction on one side is like a test introduction – – how can it be done more expeditiously next time, wherever “next time” happens to take place.  (Make the introductions more palatable, causing less upset among citizens)

In the first email I sent to you and others, I didn’t include any Context re the Border Services Notice of Tender.   The CBSA is hardly “Canadian”.  Nor is the military “Canadian”.   Not when you weave together news and other reports through the years since 2003 (recorded on this blog).    Things are “integrated” and “harmonized” for “interoperability” to the point where Canada has no or little remaining sovereignty.   We are blessed by an abundance of quislings.

You may be interested:  Linguistics are important.  Words and how they are used to mould our thinking.   If the meaning of words is not well understood in a society,  WHY is that?

2016-07-08   Democracy overtaken by Corporatocracy = coup d’état. Citizens fight to regain democracy = Revolution (insurgency).  Corporatocracy fights to hold on = counter insurgency.   


Thanks for your ear, Paul.

I don’t mean to be overwhelming with big pessimism.

To me, the spreading of information is key.

There’s easily enough of us, to de-rail the Agenda.  It’s just that people have to know the situation.   They’ll find their own solutions in their own communities.  That’s where we grow our strength, working together to accomplish Good Works, whatever those may be – – different in different communities.  Conversations happen when you’re working side-by-side on a community project.


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