Apr 192021

A note I sent:

Just before opening your “Vets4Peace” I commented on an article.  It was apparent that the author was unaware of the history – – there was no reference to it.

The U.S. Military WOULD BE more resistant to forced vaccination than the population at large.  A million of their members and first responders were forced to get the Anthrax Vaccination with disastrous results for thousands upon thousands of them.  The “Gulf War Syndrome” was more accurately the Anthrax Vaccine Syndrome.  . . .   I always figured that the reason 4,000 U.S. Vets showed up at Standing Rock in solidarity with the Indians,  under the leadership of Wesley Clark Jr,  son of NATO Commander, General Clark, was because they had been so badly treated by the U.S. Military and the country they served.   Young lives destroyed by the forced vaccinations, tragic beyond belief, and then abandoned, thrown into destitution and homelessness.  

Another example of Militarism at its best.  Care not whether it’s foreigners OR your own people you’re killing.  Deny responsibility.  Deny, Deny, and keep denying.


From: Cindy
Sent: April 19, 2021
To: Sandra Finley
Subject: Re: re Vets4Peace, nuclear, . . .

Thank you, Sandra.  Good to hear from you.  yeah those vaccines really wiped out a lot of our people.


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