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Received in reply to the last email I sent out,  2021-03-26  (copy below):

Sandra, I am appalled to see this message.  You are potentially contributing to pandemic harm by invoking vaccine harms, in a context in which (my City) has the largest covid variant spike in the country.  This is not evidence of critical thinking but of misplaced paranoia.  I urge you to cease.

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  1.    In my reply to the Professor last week,  are the numbers and statistics on covid defensible?  Are they being used in a defensible way?   (elaborated below)
  2.    Statistical information about covid,  gained through an FOI on the Government of Alberta.   Government data.  I can’t vouch for the credibility of the analysis.   (
  3. On May 09 (today)  CBC Radio News (Regional):      They (main stream media) REPORTED that people are calling for release of data.  Hmm . . .  seems that the numbers and statistics on covid are openly under question.  (I have been appalled by the propagandist nature of reporting.)



This is not evidence of critical thinking but of misplaced paranoia.  I urge you to cease,

statement by a full-fledged Professor who cc’d the Provost of her University on the email she sent to me (copy at top of posting).

In my reply to the Professor it was helpful to draw on my “credentialing” (ha ha!) which is in Quantitative Analysis.

Excerpt from my reply:

Dear Rebecca (prof) and Provost;

. . .   My degree is an honours Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Computational Science & Quantitative Analysis;  old, but not entirely obsolete!

I  have some understanding of how “the numbers” or “the statistics” can be, and are, routinely manipulated, it’s part of the training.  Try this easy example:

From the BC Coroners Service:  1,068 (BC) people have died of a fatal overdose so far this year.

I am currently trying to find the comparable figure for Covid:  How many people have died in BC from Covid,  so far this year?

I could find the CUMULATIVE number since the Pandemic began in 2019-2020.  I think it is this figure that is often quoted in the media – – but I need to know, to confirm.)   On the BC CDC website (where the source info would be) I could find WEEKLY reports to the end of March.   But I couldn’t find what I need.

So,  I input to the website the question:  Yes but, SO FAR THIS YEAR,  HOW MANY DEATHS FROM COVID?   Compare apples with apples – number of covid deaths versus overdose deaths, to get an idea of the scale of covid.  I hope I receive an answer.   BUT! even that is problematic – – read on.

If I were the Covid statistician,  I wouldn’t have started with a focus on reporting deaths from Covid among the elderly populations in care homes.  

Talking with someone who works in a community hospital:  EVERY YEAR with Flu Season approaching, they prepare for deaths from THE FLU among their elderly patients.  It’s a sad time of year for them. 

The person I spoke with (he initiated the conversation) had 30 years’ experience in the same Hospital,  on the Management Team:  they experienced approximately 10 deaths from the flu every year, in a small Hospital (that is larger today).  Those deaths were of elderly patients.  They KNEW every year to gear up for the deaths;  they knew they were coming, along with the flu. 

He felt, and was bothered: the reporting of Covid deaths as it is done, is misleading / irresponsible;  it is skewed by virtue of the population being reported on (especially obvious in the first stages of covid).

Why anyone would choose to use the population of persons who are already on Life’s exit ramp, approaching the time of death, as the first cohort to highlight,  is beyond me.   If your intention is to create fear, to drive people to vaccination, it’s a good strategy IF you can create the environment that holds the lid on public discussion. 

Which is what the Professor’s email to me attempts to do:

This is not evidence of critical thinking but of misplaced paranoia.  I urge you to cease.   This was said in response to:



“Consent Form” which helps people to understand the natural consequences of taking the mRNA injections.

There are also links within the Form to help people research,  to better understand. 



From: Sandra Finley
Sent: May 8, 2021
To:  Rebecca,  Professor

Hi Rebecca,

Thank-you for communicating your view.

I believe we have to have robust discourse if we are to have an Open Society.


My actions are not driven by fear or mental illness or (I hope) propaganda,  thank-you very much!

Over years, I have delved into topics such as

  • how vaccines are made
  • what the ingredients are
  • Are the pharmaceutical companies trust-worthy;  are they corrupt?
  • I have looked into the American Government’s Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS), (check it out – available online) – – how it works,  how much it has paid out and continues to pay out in cases where children have been critically injured or died, from vaccines.
  • Outrageous conflicts of interest in the regulating bodies,  among the “scientists” who perform “the research”,  and the corrupting influence on the political side, of Corporate lobbyists who are also university funding sources.

The mRNA vaccine draws on technologies used in the manipulation of DNA.  I have been heavily involved in matters related to Genetic manipulation (GMO / GE .   I’ve done work in the area of immune systems.  So, I have a bit of a foundation upon which to build, to gain A LITTLE understanding.  My somewhat-informed view is that the introduction of mRNA technology/injections into human beings has serious ramifications.  But the topic is verboten;  can’t be discussed.

It is absolutely fine with me if other people choose vaccination.  It’s up to you.  You know best what works for you.  For that I have respect.   My life experience is very different from yours.

I have read Dr. Bonnie Henry’s 2009 book on pandemics (“Soap, Water, and Common Sense”)  which describes, among other things, the conditions required for pandemic organisms to spread.

. . .  (then the bit about skewed results from the focus on elderly people in care homes, who are already on life’s exit ramp)  . . .

Your statement regarding my email:  This is not evidence of critical thinking but of misplaced paranoia.  I urge you to cease.

Well,  I leave that to you, Rebecca.


  2 Responses to “2021-05-08 Reply to my “misplaced paranoia””

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Sandra,
    I hope all is well in your world and strongly respect all your words of unbiased truth!!
    Next time your in Regina, I’d love to have a chat.
    Take care,
    Tony Senz

  2. I see a glimmer of hope in every communication that takes issue with the propaganda being fed to the public through mainstream media.
    It chills me to witness intelligent, educated and ( I thought) somewhat enlightened friends and family members buying into the narrative being propagated by the power elite and accepting measures being initiated by the medical “authority ” and carried out by the general population, and vilifying anyone who questions this phenomenally ludicrous approach to public “health”

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