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IN PROTECTION OF THIS WOMAN, Corporal Adrienne Gilvesy,  I say Use simple, common sense.   If we provide the ammunition to paint ourselves as far-right or crazies, we simultaneously paint her.  What she is doing is pretty incredible.  She needs all possible support from us.

2021-09-09 Julius Ruechel: Under the Shadow of Damocles’ Sword: Forcing Employers to Put Their Fingerprints on Tyranny

(an update on Constable Adrienne Gilvesy’s fight against mandatory vaccination)

The “expert”  who was on CBC Radio Cross-Country Checkup (09-12) says:  the protestors are an evolution of “the far-right” (link appended).  The effect is to dismiss us; and the Corporal.

If you speak in public, Be Strategic.  Use simple, common sense.  Do not give ammo to the Believers to use against the protestors.  But still speak up . . .

SENT TO CBC, to  Ian Hanomansing, CBC host X-Country Checkup & TV National News Anchor, Vanc.

Questioning the disruptors;  the protest messages against vaccines and vaccine passports

A.     TEST THIS HYPOTHESIS   Among the resistors, people with a central European accent are noticeable as a sub-group.  (My observation.)

If true, why might that be? . . .   People who have relatively recent, family experience with authoritarian regimes will obviously be more alert to the step-by-step erosions of democracy that bring about corporatist (fascist) governance.  

The Soviet Union occupied Hungary in World War II . . . resistance to communist authorities was met with violence. In 1945–46, some 35,000 people were arrested on political grounds and 1,000 of them executed or tortured to death. Another 55,000 were detained in concentration camps.

. . .  During the 1956 revolution, . . . At least 2,500 Hungarians died in clashes and 200,000 fled the country. Communist authorities arrested some 26,000 people and 350 were executed.

B.     You will know the Nuremberg trials and may know the sub-group of “doctors trials”.

I might join a growing group in my area (currently more than 200) who insist on the Rule of Law.

WHY might I join? 

1.     Because there are valid and IMPORTANT questions about the vaccines and the vaccine passports.

2.     It’s what we learned about LGBTQ2, Indigenous, res school survivors, Latinos, growing number of people on the wrong side of the wealth gap: they need to be included in the public debate.

THE PUBLIC DISCUSSION TODAY ABOUT VACCINES AND VACCINE PASSPORTS EXCLUDES THE PEOPLE IT DENIGRATES, like those of Central European ancestry.  You do not want to hear the valid and important questions.

It is easier to stereotype and marginalize.  Sure, there are nutcases who provide the fodder. And narcissists who only think of themselves.   (I remember the narcissists of “Wall Street”, 2007-08 meltdown. They who are let off the hook; whose fortunes once again soar.)

3.      I think there is a THIRD REASON for the UNREST:

Individuals will put up with a lot, until one day comes “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”.

Inside, there is long-standing anger because the public interest goes unattended.  Most people can rhyme off a litany of examples.  Vaccine passports are A TIPPING POINT.


Let me use water as an example, for no reason other than it’s fresh;

I put together the IMPLICATIONS FOR CANADA of

(2021-08-30)  40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River, But It’s Drying Up Fast. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?


You should read it.  An included link speaks more directly to the deterioration of civil society.

It’s not because of a group of people who are marginalized as “vermin”.

It’s because there has been a coup d’état.  A corporatocracy, a technocracy, an oligarchy has infiltrated and taken over Governance.  They govern for THEIR benefit.  The water situation in the U.S. will be resolved when control of water is in corporate hands.  (Canadian H2O, for profit and for export).

There is lots of money to be made, as there has been in oil and gas; as there is in mandated vaccination funded by the deep pockets of the public.   

Eventually people understand what’s going on, not only in water. Serious public interest problems are not resolved.  Simply because it’s not in the interests of the oligarchy to do so.  Their resolution involves control, and violence if necessary.  The “how” of control is understood by central Europeans with memory of communist tyranny.

See:   2008-05-30   Connection between state of police and America wants our water       (

For your consideration,    Sandra Finley

APPENDED.    “The Expert”:

Protests at Trudeau rallies an evolution of far-right ideology, says expert

The statement puts me into kinks of laughter!  (Thank-you because I like to laugh!)


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