Oct 032021

In Canada, normal:


  • The people who are trying to stop the cutting down of remnant Old Growth Forest at Fairy Creek are no longer Protesters.  They have graduated to the status of “Extremists” (as reported by Pattison Media, local news, radio (Vancouver Island).

Easily recognizable Propaganda to create the “vermin”, the hated ones.  “Extremists” – – does the word put a chill down your spine?

The Forestry Company is privately owned.  Sorry – – I have to laugh.  Sons of the founder, Tom and Dick Jones, own the company, Teal Jones.  I imagine them as poor little brats.  So impoverished that they MUST HAVE (stamp a foot! stamp a foot! temper tantrum!) the remnant Old Growth Forest at Fairy Creek.  AND!  They have the money to demand it be so!  (“Impoverished” comes in different forms.)

They have also suffered from a lack of education – –  they just do not understand that they are going to die, like everyone else.  The last laugh might be on them – – wherever they think they’re going in their coffin or beyond, my understanding is that “status” kind of disappears when the lights go out.

Reminds me of “The Gold-Eaters” by Ronald Wright.  To the Incas of Peru, the conquering Spaniards in the 1530’s must eat gold.  The Incas could make no sense of the invaders.  It was incomprehensible that they would lie, cheat, and kill in order to get this shiny metal.  Unless it was food, which is essential to survival.  Try to make sense of Tom and Dick.  They must eat Old Growth Trees, and be in short supply.

  • On Sept 28th, Judge Thompson of the BC Supreme Court turned down Tom and Dick’s application for an extension of the injunction at Fairy Creek (the injunction was to prevent protestors from impeding the logging of Old Growth Forest).  

    My faith in the Court is renewed,  God bless Judge Thompson:

    Justice Douglas Thompson ruled the reputation of the court outweighed the economic interests of the logging company, Teal Jones. Thompson pointed to the RCMP’s enforcement of the court injunction as the main reason for the court’s tarnished reputation.

    “The methods of enforcement of the court’s order have led to serious and substantial infringement of civil liberties, including impairment of the freedom of the press to a marked degree,” wrote the judge.

  • Saturday, Oct 3rd,  an announcement on the same local radio station as outed the “extremists!”:  Recruiting persons to train as police officers, in a programme (partnered with or sponsored by) BC Forest Products.

Sounds to me like the Money and Control guys are going to have their own police force.   


Follow the path to  The Lords will have their own police force:



SNC Lavalin – corruption is normalized

An Attorney-General is excommunicated because she doesn’t accommodate SNC Lavalin.  “Normalized” means we ACCEPT it.

The 2007-08 Wall Street corruption is normalized.  

“No charges; no holding to account”  – – normalized. 

Ho hum!  another Panama Papers.  Call it Pandora’s Papers.  And the next one can be Putin’s Papers, or the PsychoPath Papers or who the hell cares?  

2021-09-27    Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says. Ottawa Citizen   Becomes normalized?

And The Lords will have their own police force is normalized?

Not to mention,  “Oh! We forget.”  Nuremberg – – what’s it got to do with anything like forced inoculation?  Or propaganda?  Or extermination, and death?

I am getting plenty nervous.  How about you?



. . . if we love our children as much as we say we do – – would this still be the case?

In Canada, it is normal for children to develop cancers, asthma, developmental delays, ADHD, and autism.  (Only it isn’t normal.)

In Canada, normal, okay: 

  •  research identifies, over a 25 year span, an increase of 25% in childhood cancer  AND  of 40% in asthma.  That was back in 1991.
  •  a national research programme dedicated to identifying the what, where, and why is established and funded
  • work proceeds apace.  Ten years later the programme is de-funded; a skeleton crew remains with zero capacity for any further data collection or analysis.  (Oh dear, no press releases.)
  • industries, careers, children’s hospitals, and supporting industries develop around “normalized” cancers, asthma, developmental delays, ADHD, autism – – you name it.

In Canada,  we ACCEPT it.    (There is no doubt that we are AWARE of the situation.)  Cry our tears for our kids.  Impotent adults.

An under-stated heading, from 2005: if after reading, you think maybe the system is corrupted, well maybe you are right.  But do you love children?  The funding criterion is “the potential for commercialization”.  Action that addresses REMOVAL OF CAUSE does not qualify.   Cry some more tears.

2005-06-15    Canadian Childhood Cancer Surveillance & Control Program (CCCSCP), Evidence of need for inquiry at Health Canada     (https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=21105)

Connection?  We are conditioned to “ACCEPT“.   EVEN IF it’s children.  When it’s only propaganda that says the kids are at risk from covid.  We won’t do anything about the health trend-lines.  Why not just accept the use of experimental inoculations that have not been proven to be safe or effective or needed for children.  I am too tired.

– – – – – – – – – – –

In Canada, normal: 

  • to require the expensive services of a fertility doctor in order for a heterosexual couple to get pregnant.  Sex doesn’t do it.   But think about it.

Maybe the affluent, the influential, are sterilizing themselves into extinction?   An impotent population, of any species, would go extinct, right?   Oh, I remember:  the Lords of the Manor are going to frolic with the peasant maids.  Their own daughters will be spared joy and the indignities of childbirth and children.  It isn’t a new concept.

“Normalized” is a blockade between Awareness and Action?

Propaganda is layers of strawberry jam spread over Awareness.

My sense is that the news of the Canadian military propaganda is spreading fast;  people recognize the threat presented by our own military.  Yes,  Awareness comes first.  The role of the Media — fat chance.    Do It Yourself.

Awareness has to translate into Action, not become Normalized.    Think of who you would like to Alert.

Just do it!  Track them down, write, phone, talk over the fence, text – – just do it.  The more times you do it, the better you will feel!

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