Oct 022021

Covid has locked jaws on large numbers in Florida and Texas.

Large numbers are not healthy.  Obese is not healthy.  Diabetic is not healthy.

The easiest prey for a cougar is weaker.   Predators are OPPORTUNISTIC.   They take advantage of.   They exploit weakness.

It’s Instinct.


Fear works well.  The brain goes into fight or flight.  There’s not much left to think with.

Just tell me what to do, I can’t think.  Literally.

Oh for sure there are predatory leaders.  It’s like this:

You can’t have healthy people in an unhealthy environment.

If the environment just keeps on getting unhealthier and unhealthier, well, the number of kids with cancers, with developmental problems, with disabilites just keeps on growing and growing.  Beware, there are many fat predators at the top in the shadows..

Opportunistic predators soon die in a healthy population.   Viruses are continuously dependent on a new host in order to keep spreading.

Don’t underestimate how effective sustained stress is at undermining your immune systen; your defence against the predators.

You might remind yourself:  we ARE full of good bugs;  we are part of Nature!


Remind me later — you wanted to know about damaged DNA strands passed from one generation to the next.  In appearance, a healthy immune system.

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