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An earlier Julius Ruechel article is at:

2021-09-09   Julius Ruechel:   Forcing Employers to Put Their Fingerprints on Tyranny (an update on Constable Adrienne Gilvesy’s fight against mandatory vaccination)


Now this:  it is related to the unraveling of Propaganda:

Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada 2010-2021, by province, age and sex:

There’s a lot of people who will not want to know the Results.  And a lot who will be threatened by the Results of Analysis.

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Subject: C19 – Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada



Julius Ruechel 🙂

This is what comes up when you search the WHO’s global vaccine adverse events monitoring database for “Covid-19 vaccines”.

And here’s the link to the database




Special note regarding COVID-19 vaccine data  To see VigiBase data on COVID-19 vaccines, search for “covid-19 vaccine”. Please note that VigiAccess, as a result of the terminology used to structure the information, will group the data for vaccines by disease (for example, “Measles vaccine”, “Mumps vaccine”). This means that even searches for exact tradenames, such as “Comirnaty” or “Covishield”, will result in the total number of cases reported for all COVID-19 vaccines. It is not possible in VigiAccess to separate the numbers for specific vaccines.



Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada 2010-2021, by province, age and sex: There was no COVID-19 pandemic, and there is strong evidence of response-caused deaths in the most elderly and in young males

by Denis G. Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Jérémie Mercie




The Plandemic: How the Government Manipulates COVID- 19  

A Special Interview With David Martin, Ph.D. By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Who is Dr. Joseph Mercola? Over the last decade one of the most reliable sources of medical information until he was targeted and had to take his extensive library of articles offline.   Who is David E Martin? A polymath – one of the world’s greatest investigators specialising in unearthing complex financial fraud



Were There Excess Deaths Due to COVID-19?  
We’ve been told COVID-19 caused excess deaths in 2020.
One way to double-check that is to look at the number of LIFE INSURANCE policies PAID.
In 2020, there were actually fewer life insurance policies paid out than normal. “Whose numbers are you going to believe? Are you going to believe the CDC who’s trying to pump and dump this terror campaign of people dying, and therefore you need to have your mask on, you need to socially distance, you need to vaccinate? Or are you going to believe the numbers from the people who actually pay claims when real human life ends? It turns out that if you look at the AUDITED FINANCIAL statements of the world’s largest LIFE INSURANCE companies, we can find NO excess death evidence. Is COVID so smart that it only kills the uninsured?
Is that what we’re supposed to believe?”
Dr David Martin



Donald Welsh, Professor of Vascular Biology, Western University

This tweet exemplifies why Ontario’s, and by default Canada’s C19 response is so dangerously off the rails. We are incapable of acknowledging real world experience and a mountain of scientific evidence. Have we become the flat earthers of North America?


Don Welsh




Perspectives Of A NYC ER Nurse

In this episode, we receive some amazing insights and perspectives on COVID from an ER nurse in NYC who’s worked through the entire pandemic. While working in the heart of the so-called epicenter, what did she witness on the ground? How did it line up with the media and government’s perspectives? What has she seen regarding vaccines? Why have 70,000 healthcare workers in NY decided that it would be worth losing their job to decline this shot?

HFfH Podcast – Perspectives of a NYC ER Nurse



Toronto Sun

College of Nurses investigating RNAO boss over social media post

by Anthony Furey




New Brunswick is just about 90% vaxxed (1 dose) and 81% with 2 doses. They have never seen cases and hospitalizations this high. How can anyone look at this and not wonder wtf is going on?!



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