Oct 062021
  1. Part 1 of 2:  An opportunity: communicate with your employer re forced inoculation as a condition of employment     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25849  


2. Part 2 of 2: Customer letter to a Business: forced inoculation of employees is too fascist/nazi-ist for me.     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25869 



3.  2021-10-04 Geez. Look> they are doing a propaganda number on you!     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25863 

4.  2021-10-05 Julius Ruechel again: Covid19 – Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada       https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25861    Note: statistics below under HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY , Item #11.  Important.

5.  2021-10-03 (not normal) Normalized. Canadian Military’s propaganda scheme.    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25819  

6. (previously circulated)     2021-09-27 LA School District video de-constructed by a hypnotist. Plus Aldous Huxley interview & narration of Brave New World     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25781  

7.   2021-06-09 Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World (the firehose strategy)     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25881

8. (previously circulated)    2021-09-27 Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says. Ottawa Citizen     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25783  



9. 2021-10-04 Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots      https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25843  

10. (previously circulated)  2021-09-22 The submissions of now TWO ALBERTA PEDIATRICIANS challenge the mandated covid vaccination     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25755

11. (previously circulated)   2021-09-14 Vaccines: From Okanagan Health Professionals, B.C. Canada: Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan         https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25677 

Something is seriously wrong when professionals are afraid to converse openly.
Voices Of Silenced Okanagan Health Professionals
A concerned group of health professionals who choose to remain anonymous due to threats of discipline and termination, by our own various professional governing bodies, for all who dare to question the B.C. government narrative on COVID-19 policies.


12. 2021-10-02 Covid is a predator. Opportunistic.     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25812  


13. 2021-10-01 . .I doubt I can ever agree with forced, or coerced vaccination, because of the Nuremberg Code. (And too many variations in the human condition to dictate one and same for everyone)    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25797  

14. Previously circulated    2007-09-14 Col Bob Bowman’s Open Letter To US Military Officers re Bush “The Nuremburg Principles say …”      https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=3076  

15. 2021-09-26 Alarming, reported, CIA plot against Julian Assange exposed. Reporters without Borders     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25791   



16. 2016-08-15 Interview, 105-years-old. One of 5 in secretarial pool to Joseph Goebbels: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’. In contrast to Sophie Scholl.     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25801   

17. (previously circulated)    2011-01-03 “All our Cowardice and Servility” from the Museum of Non-violent Resistance housed in the former Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=701   

 18.  On the right hand sidebar of this blog, under “Categories” (alphabetical order),  in the “F”s,  is the “For your selection” listings.  I got behind, and just put these September Selections in one list.  I use it occasionally; I don’t know if anyone else does. 

For your selection, September 14, 19, 23 and 29th 2021 (most postings related to Forced covid inoculation and propaganda)     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25853

  2 Responses to “2021-10-06 For your selection October 6th, 2021”

  1. We live in a democracy, you agree. Definition…rule by the majority.
    There’s the choice, we live in a democratic society, if you don’t want to obey the rules
    leave this society. Why wear a seat belt, why drive on the right side of the road, if you want
    to wear a turban and can’t accommodate a crash hat then you can’t ride a motorcycle.
    If you’re against the childhood vaccinations then home school.
    If you want to participate in this society you have to follow the rules. The choice is to live and
    create your own society and make that work. Therefor if you want the advantage of earning a living
    in this democratic society……..your choice.
    I must say I’m very disappointed in your stance on this Sandra.
    How does bringing God and Hitler into the discussion have any relevance?
    Peace..Frank, Owen Sound, Ontario.

    • Hey Frank, this is a little too easy: Democray – – Rule of Law. The Law is above everyone.

      And from what you’re telling me, it must be different out here than it is in Owen Sound!
      The Law about what side of the street you drive on is on a different level than ones that allow or disallow you to put a hypodermic injection into another person. The other guy has to agree with it. I guess you’d know that Criminal Law is different from bylaws. And Constitutional Law is top of the heap – – but not quite. International Law is actually higher, if your country has signed on. The problem with International Law is that it stands, BUT enforcement is difficult because we do not have one International police force. Thank God!

      Oh! and another thing: the way Laws evolve – – people do something bad. Others conclude “We need a Law to stop that kind of behavior”. And we get another Law. It is not uncommon to take into account the WHY we have the Law, when applying it later. Forced inoculation? There is a big and important WHY it isn’t allowed. If you do not understand the WHY, the “doctors’ trials” that were part of the Nuremberg Trials are the place to go. /Sandra

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