Oct 142021

In an interview with the Western Standard, Lawyer Jeffrey Rath said those he represents are “horrified” the College would be supporting mandatory vaccination

This is not just a lawyer.  It’s Jeffrey Rath.  The College of Physicians & Surgeons may be hyperventilating!  Read for yourself the hallways this man trods:   https://www.rathandcompany.com/team/rath.html

There is a copy of the letter on-line.  Search on the Western Standard.  If I put the URL here,  I will get into a tangle.  Thanks, Sandra


Lawyer sends letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons
demanding resignations over mandated vaccines

Alberta lawyer Jeffrey Rath has sent a letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) demanding every member of the council resign.

Rath, from the Foothills law firm Rath & Company, was retained by a number of doctors “both vaccinated and unvaccinated” who have chosen to remain anonymous “given the veiled threats contained in recent correspondence directed at physicians in this province by the CPSA Council and the CPSA,” the Monday letter stated.

In the letter, Rath points to numerous alleged issues his clients believe have amounted to unethical conduct by the CPSA and CPSA council, including:

Taking “vindictive actions” against physicians in an effort to “silence” them

Interfering in patient autonomy

Colluding in the coercion of patients being forced a vaccine against their will

Controlling physicians’ ability to apply their best medical judgement for patients with regard to alternative treatments to COVID-19

Creating a “sky is falling” approach to the outbreak while not communicating the “vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths associated with COVID-19 are in populations over 70 years of age.”

Forcing health care workers and others to be injected with a COVID-19 vaccine against their will

Suggesting children under 18 be permitted to get vaccinated without parental consent

“Ignoring” the absence of long-term safety data

Interfering with a physician’s care and treatment of their patient by advising them to limit the granting of vaccine exemptions

Ignoring emerging data that “shows natural immunity is more than 10 times more effective than the mRNA injections in preventing COVID.”

The letter also calls into question the term “immunized” and suggests the term is misleading “given the limited protection now provided by the Pfizer/Moderna injections.”

Rath also accuses the CPSA of ignoring “real world safety data” and states the “vaccination program being adjusted on the fly underlines the experimental nature of these injections.”

Referencing violations of the Criminal Code of Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Nuremburg Code, Rath concludes in the letter that “forcing injections on people through vaccine mandates constitutes an “assault” under the Criminal Code” as well as “violates the CPSA’s own Standards of Practice.”

The letter goes on to state the banning of Ivermectin for COVID treatment is a “further example of the CPSA Council unethically interfering in the provision of medical services to citizens of Alberta by their physicians” and points to a number of studies on the anti-parasite drug.

The CDC, FDA and Health Canada have not authorized the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 at this time.

In this regard, we would respectfully request that every member of the CPSA Council that publicly supports the present coercive injection program of the AHS and who is not willing to take a stand for the individual autonomy and dignity of physicians, nurses, health care workers and citizens of Alberta, immediately resign from the Council of CPSA,” the letter demands.

In an interview with the Western Standard, Rath said those he represents are “horrified” the CPSA would be supporting mandatory vaccination.

“The college (CPSA) or anyone else has no right to force anyone to be vaccinated against their will.”

“AHS (Alberta Health Services) doesn’t want to acknowledge that those in the hospitals and those that are dying are the ones who are typically in hospitals and dying. The aged and those with comorbidities.”

“The only true emergency here is that we will soon have fewer and fewer nurses and doctors because they are leaving in droves due to these vaccine mandates,” Rath said.

Rath said he and his clients will wait for a response from the College before they determine their next step.

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