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Time for only one?   Make it this.

Jeffrey Rath frequents and is accustomed to winning in the Supreme Court of Canada,  Federal Court, and Appeal Courts.

2021-10-05   Lawyer Jeffrey Rath,  letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons demands resignations over mandated vaccines             https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25917

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Jeffrey Rath’s letter and experience may lull you into thinking that the crisis is over;  everything will be fine.

A young woman concerned about what was coming down on her nurse-friend (threat of job loss)  said to me, “So you’re saying there is no more time.  It’s now.”   Lordy!  I wish I could be as succinct!

Do not believe that Rath’s letter will win the day.  The corruption is too deep.  And we are deadly good at normalizing.  Distributed earlier:

(not normal) Normalized. Canadian Military’s propaganda scheme.    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25819  

We all have to dig in.

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2021-10-11    Draft resolution, to School Board.   No to mandated vaccination of school employees.     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25930

Earlier templates:  Scroll down to October 6th,  letter from Employee and Letter from Customer,  to a Business

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Video     Call for  Civil Disobedience,   RFK       (distributed earlier)


Film,   Sophie Scholl

A great film,  for free on the internet, in 2 parts, each almost an hour long. 

SOPHIE SCHOLL, The Final Days   https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlw7u4

The link takes you to Part 1.  On the bottom right hand side, click the MUTE button to get sound.

Enlarge to full screen by clicking the button to the right of the mute.

After watching part 1, Part 2 may come up automatically, or you’ll find it in the right hand video selections) 

Sophie Scholl, a German student and anti-Nazi political activist associated with the White Rose non-violent resistance group. She was convicted of high treason for distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother, Hans.  Upon conviction, along with a friend, they went almost immediately to the guillotine.  Since the 1970s, Scholl has been extensively commemorated for her anti-Nazi resistance work.

The above excerpt is from (previously circulated):

2016-08-15   Sophie Scholl. Contrasted with (Interview, 105-years-old. One of 5 in secretarial pool to Joseph Goebbels: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’.)


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 The word “Hypnotist”  needs to be upfront on this one.  The hypnotist does a good job of dissecting what’s going on.  The video is not too long. 

Forget the Aldous Huxley stuff if you’re short of time, in spite of its prescience.   

If we can just learn to see through propaganda!   There are more “teachings” on the recognition of propaganda in the Oct 6th listings below. 

(previously circulated)   Hypnotist de-constructs LA School District video.   Plus Aldous Huxley interview & narration of Brave New World    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25781  

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2018-02-13    EUREKA! I get it! Health Canada switches to mainly pharmaceutical funding.       https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25928

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2021-10-10 Humour is the best        https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25920

2021-10-10 Looks like conspiracy stuff. I think it’s actually a consequence of the ATTITUDE of The Big Boys (who are really Very Little, Impoverished Boys)         https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25924

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Please, it is important that all of us share the actions and information that others are generating.

My email gets shut down if I send to too many people.

RE:  the Oct 6th send.  I tried to expedite it over 2 days, instead of 3.   And was confronted by (what happens if the limit is over-stepped)  an inbox full of “invalid email addresses”.  Which are valid.   I can’t send out any emails for a spell.

This covid thing is causing a loss of network members.  It is more important than ever that each of us adds to the number of people we are sending information to.

I will be grateful.   /Sandra


Forced / coerced inoculation is too fascist / naziist  for my tastes.

And a lot of other folks!

Is it mostly old dogs who know of the Nuremberg Trials (1945-46 maybe the best-known);  Nuremberg Principles; the associated doctors trials; judges’ trials; International Human Rights arising from the principles; the eventual International Criminal Court (ICC) for prosecuting such crimes?

The crimes are serious – – the death penalty was still in use in ’45-’46.  Some of the chaps lost their heads.  Literally.


International Law prohibits experimental medical treatments on human beings without fully informed and free consent.   Forced Inoculation is prohibited medical treatment.

.. . because of the Nuremberg Code you are on the hook, whether you gave, or whether you followed, orders that contravene Constitutional Law, and equally or more, the International Laws and Treaties your country has signed.

I do wonder, with the united efforts of millions of people around the Planet, more and more people learning about these Laws, whether some people in high places are not getting quite nervous.

They are extremely vulnerable, especially with the submissions they have received.  They can have no excuse for not knowing the harms done by the covid vaccines – – let alone the illegality of forced injections.

It is unbelievable (to me) that they continue to demand inoculation of everyone, coercively.

For your selection October 6th, 2021

  1. Part 1 of 2:  An opportunity: communicate with your employer re forced inoculation as a condition of employment     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25849  


2. Part 2 of 2: Customer letter to a Business: forced inoculation of employees is too fascist/nazi-ist for me!     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25869 



3.  2021-10-04 Geez. Look> they are doing a propaganda number on you!     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25863 

4.  2021-10-05 Julius Ruechel again: Covid19 – Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada       https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25861     

5.  2021-10-03 (not normal) Normalized. Canadian Military’s propaganda scheme.    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25819  

6. (previously circulated)     2021-09-27 LA School District video de-constructed by a hypnotist. Plus Aldous Huxley interview & narration of Brave New World     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25781  

7.   2021-06-09 Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World (the firehose strategy)     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25881

8. (previously circulated)    2021-09-27 Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says. Ottawa Citizen     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25783  



9. 2021-10-04 Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots      https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25843  

10. (previously circulated)  2021-09-22 The submissions of now TWO ALBERTA PEDIATRICIANS challenge the mandated covid vaccination     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25755

11. (previously circulated)   2021-09-14 Vaccines: From Okanagan Health Professionals, B.C. Canada: Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan         https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25677 

Something is seriously wrong when professionals are afraid to converse openly.
Voices Of Silenced Okanagan Health Professionals
A concerned group of health professionals who choose to remain anonymous due to threats of discipline and termination, by our own various professional governing bodies, for all who dare to question the B.C. government narrative on COVID-19 policies.


12. 2021-10-02 Covid is a predator. Opportunistic.     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25812  


13. 2021-10-01 . .I doubt I can ever agree with forced, or coerced vaccination, because of the Nuremberg Code. (And too many variations in the human condition to dictate one and same for everyone)    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25797  

14. Previously circulated    2007-09-14 Col Bob Bowman’s Open Letter To US Military Officers re Bush “The Nuremburg Principles say …”      https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=3076  

15. 2021-09-26 Alarming, reported, CIA plot against Julian Assange exposed. Reporters without Borders     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25791   



16.     2016-08-15   Sophie Scholl. Contrasted with (Interview, 105-years-old. One of 5 in secretarial pool to Joseph Goebbels: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’.)


17. (previously circulated)    2011-01-03 “All our Cowardice and Servility” from the Museum of Non-violent Resistance housed in the former Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin    https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=701   

 18.  On the right hand sidebar of this blog, under “Categories” (alphabetical order),  in the “F”s,  is the “For your selection” listings.  I got behind, and just put these September Selections in one list.  I use it occasionally; I don’t know if anyone else does. 

For your selection, September 14, 19, 23 and 29th 2021 (most postings related to Forced covid inoculation and propaganda)     https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25853

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