Oct 112021

DRAFT    Feel free to use as a template.

Resolution: NO to mandatory staff vaccinations within (name) School Division

If you can get to your School Division BEFORE a Resolution is passed to force inoculation of staff, the Board will be more likely able to hear and process the information rationally.   After a Policy is announced, it’s difficult to reverse.  There’s too much ego involved.

A valuable supporting document:  Lawyer Jeffrey Rath, letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons demanding resignations over mandated vaccines        https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25917

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Draft Resolution: NO to mandatory staff vaccinations

 within (name of the) School Division

(- – – -) will be used as a short form for (name) School Division (number) of Saskatchewan Canada in the remainder of this resolution


Whereas, (- – – -) staff have entered into an employment agreement with (- – – -) School Division without mention of any obligation to share medical information of this nature.

Whereas, recruitment is already in danger of sacrificing program delivery in our schools

Whereas, we see the potential liability from the following acts, laws, constitution and charter as a wide open liability to both our division and individual school board members, if we should enact of our own free will, a mandatory staff vaccination policy

RSO 1990 c. F31 – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

RSO 1990 c. 0.1 – Occupational Health & Safety Act

SO 1996 c.2 – The Health Care Consent Act

SO 2004 c.3 – Personal Health Information Protection Act

C 44 – Canadian Bill of Rights 1960

The Canadian Constitution 1867

The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms – The Constitution Act 1982

RSO 1990 ch 19 – Human Rights Code

The Canadian Immunization Act 1997

Bill S-201 – Genetic Non-Discrimination Act – 2017

The Canadian Criminal Code – S. 265 (1) Assault, S. 264 (1) Uttering Threats, S. 269 (1) Unlawfully Causing Bodily Harm, S 269 1 (1) Torture (definition: any act or omission by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted upon a person), S. 346 (1) Extortion, S. 423 (1) Intimidation S. 318 (1) Inciting Hate Propaganda (genocide)

The Nuremberg Code 1947 – informed voluntary consent, ingredients list, animal testing, risks involved, length of experiment, expected outcomes

Sc 2005, c 20 – The Quarantine Act (S. 14(1), (2), S 32

Whereas, a government mandate is not compulsory nor a law that has passed through house and senate, and shifts all burden of above liability onto the school division and individual school board members

Whereas, there is no legal precedent or direction established yet of who is liable, criminally negligent, etc in which future criminal and civil suits will favour

Whereas, we are a school division that is both supportive of our competent teachers who excel in both academic excellence and providing a safe learning environment for our children.

Whereas, we are proud and supportive of all of our (- – – -)   staff and teachers

Whereas, we value community and reason above division and segregation

Whereas, we have already proved during this pandemic, that we can respect individual rights of medical privacy as well as keep a safe effective learning environment for our children.


Be it resolved, that the (- – – -)    board members DO NOT act in a way that may expose our schools, our board, and organization to liability and criminal negligence.

Be it resolved, that the (- – – -)   board members VOTE NO to mandatory vaccination of all and any (- – – -)   staff, teachers, and support staff with the experimental gene therapy drug known as “covid 19 vaccine”.


This resolution is brought forward this (date) day of October 2021 by the following (- – – -)   parents with a call for prudence, due diligence and forethought on behalf of all (- – – -)   parents.

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