Oct 232021
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Calgary fills the streets opposing the vaccine mandates Full story coming by

  Chef Michael Hunter

government turns their backs on restaurants yet again. It’s ok to drink beer, cheer and eat hotdogs amongst 30,000 Blue Jay fans but my 45 seat restaurant limited 2 half capacity 22 seats!

  Andrew R

While studying history, I used to ask myself how people fell for it. How the people allowed such madness to occur Watching it happen, and in real time, I no longer wonder how However, I’m in a state of shock over just how easy it was

   Adam Soos ⳩

The crowd has erupted into chants demanding freedom here in Calgary! 


100 Mile House, BC: All but 2 nurses have walked off the job due to the forced vaccination. #Nursing

Steve Ryan

Full capacity seating will be permitted to watch millionaire athletes who play for billionaire owners. Restaurants predominantly owned by everyday working folks are not included in the exception. Makes perfect sense!-not!

  karen hillier

I just revoked my consent for organ donation. I will not participate in the divide, segregation or discrimination.
 I wish our media would point out this insanity but Canadians have to look elsewhere.

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