Oct 182021

Uh oh – – the third shot has begun.


I wonder if this line of reasoning makes sense:

  • The fully vaccinated are not immune
  • A third shot is necessary
  • Therefore the vaccines are not effective

I wish to thank you – – I have been meaning to post to my blog a short series of extremely deadly and destructive propaganda campaigns starting with the Bay of Tonkin.

Your news coverage today (Oct 18) prompted me to post a short version the Bay of Tonkin just now.

The American public was duped into going to war against VietNam.   A version of the story is on the U.S. Naval Institute website,  The Truth About Tonkin.    As you know, the U.S. has not stopped going to war ever since, and losing every one.

U.S. Naval Institute, The Truth About Tonkin

For your consideration,

Sandra Finley

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