Nov 012021

Naomi Wolf: Medical Freedom Is a Non-Partisan Issue

I recommend the video – – click on the above link.  Then scroll down a bit.

The show’s hosts discuss the concept of freedom with Naomi Wolf, best-selling author, journalist and Rhodes Scholar.

Wolf, who also is CEO of the online information hub Daily Clout, said freedom needs urgent representation from both sides of the political aisle. Wolf described how she crossed party lines to join the medical freedom movement.

Wolf also discussed how to use Daily Clout  to track and follow important federal and state legislation related to specific medical freedom issues and mandates, and the need for “boots-on-the-ground” activists for the Nov. 3 kick-off of Worldwide Walkouts.

(INSERT:  Naomi Wolf is an innovator.  The legislation data base tool developed by Daily Clout to suit public needs is of course American.  It is very interesting to see what they are doing.

Wolf is experiencing what you too may be finding:  roll over, open an eye – – my goodness!  what an unlikely bed fellow!

Wolf voted for Joe Biden and now she’s right behind Florida Governor Ron De Santis (Republican) and Montana Governor Republican Greg Gianforte, because of their work to thwart Biden’s mass vaccination agenda.  Cannot afford to be partisan.)

Wolf said people have a limited time to act:

“We need to ramp up … a transpartisan movement around the world of people who just love liberty. In my happier moments, that’s what I do see when I read the headlines is people on the streets … in France, people on the streets, in Britain, people on the streets in the United States just saying, ‘Give us our liberties — we’re entitled to liberties — we’re a family that needs to be protected by human rights.’”

Wolf said it was obvious to her that fighting for liberty should be non-partisan. When she joined the medical freedom movement, she joined as a person, not a party.

She said:

“It’s not left versus right. It’s all of us here and our bodies, and our children and our planet against these rapacious oligarchs and massive corporations that are trying to turn us into a state of what I call ‘biofascism.’”

Wolf discussed how to use her website to act on specific bills that affect people’s districts and voting blocs.

“This tool is so amazing and we definitely want our listeners to know about it and use it and keep track of what’s happening,” McBride said. “We are seeing that medical freedom is at the forefront in so many states. So for the first time ever it is top trending legislation.”

The hosts closed the show with commentary on recent Project Veritas footage (starts at 57:30) of senior advisor to Phil Murphy, a democratic candidate for governor of New Jersey, saying his staff used the vaccine mandate to further his political career and win votes.


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