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INFORMATION NEEDED – CAN YOU HELP?  (are you on Instagram?)

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You will see where Luc from the Province of Quebec is asking for help to find a copy of the court decision in the Corduroy Restaurant case.   I had committed to posting it, so am also needing it.

If you have an Instagram account, (I don’t),  you might be able to help.

I think the reason that I can’t reach the Corduroy Restaurant by phone (except for one time) is that the owner’s time is in BIG demand, from the business AND from her family AND because of her COMPETENCY.

(From the video interview (Oct.)   I’m guessing that our congratulations may be due – – she may also now have a newborn!)

If all that isn’t enough,  scroll down to the last part of this posting:  I gather that Rebecca was instrumental in setting up  BC Businesses against Health Pass.

I found a WONDERFUL INTERVIEW of her (Rebecca Matthews) from before the announcement (below) of the Win in Court.  She sets out what happened and responds to questions in a plain, rational, and powerful way.  The court decision and the interview (below) will be helpful to many small businesses.

 Rebecca uses Instagram for exchanging information, responding to the crush of requests and voices of support.

Please help find someone who can access Instagram 


to search for a link to the court decision there.

Many thanks!

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2021-10-23  Corduroy Restaurant,  owner Rebecca Matthews, EXCELLENT interview.  Another remarkable Canadian.

By Press for Truth

OUTRAGEOUS!! Family Run Corduroy Restaurant SHUT DOWN By Health Officials While Fast Food Chains ARE BOOMING!!!


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2021-12-14 BC. Corduroy Restaurant wins court case.
Open to everyone, no vaccine passport needed.

This link takes you to a Facebook posting:

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Courduroy Restaurant here in Vancouver BC just won their case.
They are open to EVERYONE and no hokey pokey passport needed.
I believe that this sets the precedent for all other businesses to follow.
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I (Sandra speaking)  will put  a link to the Court Decision HERE,  when and if I can find one.

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Note:  the Corduroy Court Decision is Item #1 in the posting

2021-12-17  Email sent to Vancouver Island, Chief Medical Health Officer

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I recall seeing a video of supporters of Corduroy at the restaurant when officials came to shut them down.  If time permits I’ll try to find and post it here, too.

FOUND THIS BACKGROUND REPORT, Vancouver Sun, October 22:

Corduroy restaurant in Kitsilano has lost its business licence again for defying public health orders.

Corduroy Restaurant in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood has been ordered to close and its business licence has been suspended again for defying B.C.’s COVID-19 rules.

Owner Rebecca Matthews, who has been an outspoken critic of the province’s vaccine cards and other COVID-19 health orders, posted a video on her Instagram account on Wednesday showing Vancouver Coastal Health staff serving her the closure notice.

The city said it suspended Corduroy’s business licence following the order by Vancouver Coastal Health to close the establishment for refusing to follow mask rules and failing to ask for vaccination cards from restaurant guests.

Corduroy’s business licence is suspended until Dec. 31. It’s not the first time the restaurant has had its licence yanked by the city. It was suspended in April, along with its liquor licence.

In an emailed statement Thursday, the City of Vancouver said staff and park rangers actively provide education about compliance with provincial health orders, but they don’t have authority to enforce those orders through tickets and fines.

There have been 14 restaurant closures, including Corduroy twice, in the Vancouver Coastal Health region since the pandemic began for either contravening a provincial health order or for “communicable disease,” according to VCH.

On Oct. 7, Fraser Health issued Rolly’s Restaurant in Hope a closure order for failing to comply with health orders. The health authority said Thursday that it was the only restaurant that has been issued such a closure order.

A judge granted a court injunction to close Rolly’s,  which has been flouting COVID-19 rules for more than a month, but declined to order that police have the power to make arrests and enforce the order.

Matthews made headlines after she  kept Corduroy open in defiance of the province’s COVID-19 restrictions . A widely shared video posted on social media on April 3 showed Vancouver Coastal Health inspectors giving Matthews a closure notice as patrons chanted “get out.”

Matthews accused the inspectors of trespassing and said she did not recognize their jurisdiction.

She has staged several rallies outside her business, which have drawn anti-maskers and COVID-19 deniers. However, she said in social media posts that the purpose was to raise awareness of the “incredible harm” provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry’s health orders have had on small businesses.

— With files from Cheryl Chan and Scott Brown


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While searching for the court decision, I found that Rebecca helped set up an organization – – their facebook:

BC Businesses against Health Pass

There’s also these groups – – and many more like them in various parts of Canada.  The interview of Rebecca from Corduroy Restaurant may convince you of the need to support these local business people.

BC Businesses against Health Pass Public Group | Facebook

Van Island Businesses Against Health Pass | Facebook

https://m.facebook.com › Facebook Groups
This group is to help Vancouver islanders support businesses that support our rights! Please share any businesses that do not support this Vax pass …

  6 Responses to “Request for help: Luc from Montreal and I both need: BC Corduroy Restaurant wins court case, copy of the decision. Interview of Corduroy owner, Rebecca Matthews – Lordy! she is good!”

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for the emails you are sending out. I have been following this whole thing in detail this past year. I hope you are familiar with the work of Dr. David Martin, both the 20 year patent trail for the spike protein (The Fauci Dossier) and the legal issues. He has put together the felony charges against the people involved in this criminal conspiracy and is asking people to send it to Attorneys General across the US. It can be found at https://www.fullyliveacademy.com/
    He said that if a felony has been committed and can be proven in court, the shield of liability in the EUA falls away. He also said that people can send this to equivalent people and others in Canada with a cover letter. Canada is complicit in the crimes, including the creation of a bioweapon, because the nanolipid envelope is the work of a Canadian company. This was in his interview with Ted Kuntz.


  2. Hello,
    Happy to see this news. We are in Montreal and our restaurant is close for 3 weeks now.
    When we see what you are doing, it give us courage.
    Please if you have a copy of the court decision, please send me a copy. We will see if we can use it in the province of Quebec.

    • —–Original Message—–
      From: Sandra
      Sent: January 17, 2022
      Subject: RE: BC. Corduroy Restaurant wins court case.

      Bonsoir Luc!

      Merci pour votre “hello”.

      J’ai telephoné le Restaurant.
      A server passed the message to the Owner.

      As soon as I hear back I’ll get back to you.


      • FROM: LUC
        Sent: January 18, 2022

        Hello again,
        Thanks for your quick response.
        It is a fight for our freedom everywhere in Canada.
        Presently we are at the court fighting for the kids of the owner of a different restaurant.
        The government wants to vax a 14 years old kid without the consent of a parent.
        So please we stay in touch and wait for the court decision.

        • From: Sandra
          Sent: January 18, 2022
          To: Luc

          Yes, for sure Luc.

          I will continue to try to get a copy of the Corduroy Restaurant Court Decision. Today, so far, no one has answered the phone. And the owner hasn’t phoned back.

          I will be very interested to hear your court decision re the 14-year old, when it arrives.

          Keep up the good fight, but with even more determination!


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