Jan 112022


Reiner Fuellmich Gives An Update On What’s Happening
With The Nuremberg 2.0 Trial
NOTE:  Nearing the end, the Interviewer presses Fuellmich – – HOW will the perpetrators of the covid plandemic be brought to justice?
Fuellmich describes the forces assembled to bring about justice.   An  “International Court” is convening in a couple of weeks (so, 2022 January-February time-line).   A first step is presentation of evidence by bona fide scientists and others.

I believe Fuellmich is referring to a trial along the lines of

  1.   2012-05-11 Historic judgment: (Charge #2) Bush &    Associates found Guilty of torture, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Or, along a similar vein:

b.   2021-10-22 Free Julian Assange – The Belmarsh Tribunal: The War On Terror is Put on Trial. A strong video.

As I see it, the advantages of going ahead with such trials:

  • People are not held hostage by corrupted judiciaries that cannot be trusted to deliver just decisions.
  • The documentation is gathered, sorted, and presented to “the world” now, while it’s relatively easy to track down.
  • People get better and better at doing the trials by drawing on past examples.

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