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In reply to a request for input (what would you like us to do?) from Canadians for Tax Fairness.

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From: Sandra Finley
Sent: February 20, 2022 
To:   Canadians for Tax Fairness
Subject: re Survey

Hi (name),

You do good work.  And I am grateful for that.

We have badly-corrupted public institutions in Canada.

The problem with traditional forms of petitioning Governments is that you are competing with large, transnational corporations with billions of dollars with which to buy the politicians and the technocrats.  You cannot win in corrupted systems, using traditional strategies.

I’ve been an activist since before you were born, I suspect.  I have witnessed the deterioration in governance.

Yesterday, I sent the email below to Chris George, in response to his article in the Niagara Independent.

Many people dismiss the World Economic Forum (WEF) as “conspiracy theory”, along with its “Great Reset” agenda.

The article by C George is another blow to the ability to dismiss the WEF. 

There is a small suite of postings on my blog to remove any doubt about the authenticity of the WEF and their agenda.  They are the reason that traditional means of bringing about corrections to Government policies will not work.

Klaus Schwab is the founder of the WEF and the author of the book, “The Great Reset”.  

Your best chance of accomplishing Tax Fairness in the long run, and at this point in the game, is to be aware of the WEF and what it’s about.    The depth of the corruption.

2022-02-12 Where is Chrystia Freeland’s priority? Niagara Independent, Chris George

2022-02-17 Great Reset: Trudeau Agenda. Jason Kenney explains the Great Reset just as covid 19 pandemic was unleashed in early 2020

2022-01-26 Klaus Schwab: half of the Canadian Cabinet are from the “Young Global Leaders” program of the WEF 

2022-02-05  Jim Watson (Mayor of Ottawa)   So, let’s take a peek under the hood. You don’t have to dig long to see why Jim is a fan of authoritarian moves

Here you see Ottawa mayor Watson at the WEF.  (He has a long history with the WEF, not shown.)

2022-02-08 Italy’s Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano Endorses the Canadian Truck Drivers Against the New World Order (VIDEO and Transcript)

I think this is an important contribution;  an “influencer” of some public opinion puts these “globalist” forces  on the table.  Named.     

Best wishes,   

– – – – – – – – – – – –

“Where is the left?”     . . .  The old left-right dichotomy doesn’t work anymore. 


Sent: February 19, 2022
To: Chris George
Subject: your article, Where is Chrystia Freeland’s priority?

Dear Mr. George,  

Your article re Freeland is important elucidation for Canadians. 

There is CONTEXT  (appended) for your article, on my blog.

I looked at Freeland in some depth, in about 2015.

– – – – – – – – –

My interest in Freeland started with her connection to Larry Summers.  And Dominic Barton. 


Summers was brought in by the Liberals in advance of the 2015 Election.  Ostensibly to advise them on Economic Policy which was seen as their weak point in defeating the Harper Conservatives.   It was Trudeau’s first run at the Prime Ministership. 

I remembered Summers’ name – – advisor to Obama whose advice meant that the Wall Street racketeers (2007-08) got off scot-free and with grand largesse from the public purse. 

That Summers would be advising a potential Canadian Government sounded clanging alarm bells in my mind.  

Freeland did her PhD (Harvard) under Larry Summers (Economics), who a bit later became President of Harvard.

His dealings with Russians – – big dollar contracts – -, helping them with Capitalism…  Summers was basically scamming the Russians.   They brought suit.  And won. 

As a consequence, the U.S. Govt fined Harvard $26 Million to cover the costs and settlement of the Russian lawsuit. 

Harvard was furious with Summers over the $26 million fine, needless to say!  Some Harvard profs had previously been complaining about the integrity of Summers’ work;  they were vindicated   – – Summers was dumped as Pres of Harvard.  

The petals fell off the sweet-smelling rose for the Russians;   they lost their enthusiasm for contracting with U.S. “specialists” who could guide them in the ways of capitalism.  Other “partnerships” also suffered from the thorns.


Summers fell on hard times with a tarnished reputation until Freeland, in her role at the Financial Times, offered her former thesis supervisor a weekly column.   Which was successful;  his columns were well received   . . .   fast forward  – – Summers’ net worth saw a steep incline, Wall Street contracts —   then the 2007—08 fiasco and Summers’ advisory role to Obama.  No prosecutions.  Yahda, yahda. 

So now, the Cdn Liberals need advisors for economic policy (2015).   They bring in Summers.   Also Dominic Barton.    


By this time, these people are all intertwined with the globalist money elites.  


I don’t know the order of things:  Freeland was recruited to run for the Liberals . . .  by . . .  who? 

Trudeau had already (?) been recruited by Klaus Schwab (WEF,  Young Global Leaders Program).  Who was it that brought in Summers, the shady guys, the financial mafia, from the Wall Street betrayal of Main Street? 


When Klaus Schwab (video link below) says that Trudeau is one of their guys (WEF), and that the WEF has “infiltrated” the Trudeau Cabinet (they have half of the Cabinet), of course, as you document very well – – Freeland is one of theirs.  

I am encouragedmis-characterization of the WEF and the Great Reset as “conspiracy theory” is breaking into the public discourse.  Your article is helpful.

I was surprised by the following video – – Kenney saying:  the Great Reset is the title of a book.  He should know because Klaus Schwab sent him a copy.  He goes on to ridicule the Davos crowd.

There may be something in the following postings that will be beneficial to you or to someone else.

Best wishes, ~~~

The links in the email to Canadians For Tax Fairness   PLUS:

There is too much in these next postings, done over a few years.  They are for skimming.  The first one might be sufficient.

2017-05-25 Larry Summers – Dominic Barton connection. “Inclusive Capitalism Initiative” as “re-branding”. Summers bad news (corrupt), Canadian financial matters, advisor to Liberals.


2019-12-01 UN appoints Mark Carney to help finance climate action goals, The Guardian


2017-06-02 The Liberals have ended up with an infrastructure bank that offers Canadians only downsides and risk, National Post


2014-05-27 ‘Inclusive capitalism’ the big new thing? from DW, German international broadcaster. (Dominic Barton)  


  The “re-branding” of capitalism after the 2007-08 fall from grace.

= = =  =   THE END!  = = = = =

Sandra Finley

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