Jul 232022

Unanimous ruling by Alberta’s Court of Appeal is a total legal, moral and constitutional victory for Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid.

In short, Alberta’s top judges ruled that:

  • the court order that was used to arrest and jail Pawlowski was flawed and therefore illegal;
  • all of the punishments that flowed from that — such as being fined and jailed — were without basis. Pawlowski’s fines will be returned to him;

The additional bizarre, authoritarian penalties — banning him from going on speaking tours; requiring him to read a statement denouncing himself any time he criticized the government — were revoked, and deemed unconstitutional.

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Sarah got her law degree (Calgary) in 2018.

I’ve listened to a couple interviews of her, in relation to her representation of Artur Pawlowski.  I am excited by these young people who are shining warriors.   Sarah is a credit to the legal profession.

A bit about Sarah:   https://jssbarristers.ca/litigators/sarah-miller/#:~:text=Sarah%20is%20a%20fourth%20generation,as%20an%20Associate%20in%202019. 

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The Alberta Court of Appeal decision, July 22, 2022, is important for all Canadians.

Sarah Miller (young constitutional lawyer) has represented Pawlowski for a  few years, starting before Covid, and culminating with this July 22nd decision.   (It’s not the end-of-the-line for Pawlowski and his lawyers, but it is a heavy-weight win.)

At the least, expect your eyebrows to rise at the descriptions of events.   Other people, I’m one!  are left speechless.  Cannot believe that a Judge in this country would be so ignorant of the basic tenets of law, that they would envision getting away with such rulings (the rulings that were appealed).

They have come to believe that no one can afford to appeal, maybe?   (Pawloski can afford to appeal because people pitch in to help pay costs.  The cost of getting to the Alberta Appeal Court were about a million dollars.  The Prosecutors play this game where they dump thousands of pages of documents on the other side, on the day before the legal arguments are to be presented in Court.  Pawlowski’s case is not unique.  I watched the Inquiry into the Invocation of the Emergencies Act.  The abuse of “disclosure” is common place.

RECOMMEND:   if you’re short of time,  

  1. Interview of Sarah Miller, July 22.  Following announcement of the win in the Alberta Court of Appeal:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb7stIf_KnY     43 minutes.

The interview brings out events that I have not seen reported in earlier coverage.


  1. The Oct 14, 2021 interview of Sarah Miller.  14 minutes,   Sarah clearly explains what is, and is not “contempt of court”.

The October 14, 2021   interview of Pawlowski’s lawyer, Sarah Miller

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