Aug 042022

From: Sandra Finley
Sent: August 4, 2022 11:18 AM
Subject: the REPORTING about blue jays player not vaxxed,  2202-08-04 AM


TO:  CBC Radio Victoria


The ASSUMPTIONS behind the reporting on the Blue Jays player who can’t play at the Jays’ home games are a discredit to Canadian media coverage.  The expressed incredulity and laughter, a failure to engage in journalistic scrutiny by the reporters, are further discredit.

Vaccine mandates are about human rights.  What do YOU think they’re about?

I don’t know the Blue Jays’ story, so I put “blue jays player not vaxxed” into an internet search.   You may want to do the same.

A random excerpt from what I found:

(July 2022)  Canadian vaccine mandates have kept 36 players from traveling to Toronto for games against the host Blue Jays, and 34 of them – a whopping 94% – hail from the United States  . . .

So to me, it’s not about the player from the U.S. that the Blue Jays signed up.  36 players have been prevented from playing in Canada, plus this recent one.

What’s it about?

  • how is it that players who freely walk out on baseball diamonds in the US, are barred from Canadian baseball diamonds?
  • But more importantly,  WHY are these players not vaxxed?

There’s plenty of available information.  But for me,

I’m big on human rights (I’m from the 1960-70’s:  Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Canadian Neil Young’s song “Four Dead in Ohio” (Viet Nam War protests, students shot down by the U.S. National Guard, Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers, then comes The Iraq War Syndrome – –  accurately the anthrax vaccine forcibly injected into more than a million American military and related forces, with disastrous and heart-breaking results . . .  on and on we go.)

Can you not see a legacy?

  • American sports, lots of “black” heroes
  • Their family backgrounds include civil rights activists who worked in alignment with Martin Luther King Jr (just ONE prominent example).  Fast forward
  • Today, Black lives matter forms bonds of solidarity, and morphs into “All Lives Matter”.


  • BUT BEFORE ALL THAT:   my Dad was a young man during World War 2.  He read a lot and I read some of his books.  The NUREMBERG TRIALS.  Human RightsInternational humanitarian law  . . .  “ never again”.


Forced medical treatments are a clear and dangerous violation of human rights with a history that precedes World War 2 (in the U.S., experiments on black and poor kids in orphanages.  You don’t want to know about it.  Nazis were good at sadistic behavior;  so were Americans.  We don’t tell stories on ourselves (I’m Canadian).  

It is well-known that Big Pharma is corrupt and corrupting.  So what are we doing in bed with them?  Providing immunity from prosecution and public funding to create billionaires?

As I type, I am offended.  I feel like swearing.  Through failed journalism you are supporting the trampling of Human Rights.  Won through hard and long fights, continuous since before Emancipation in the USA (since before 1863).  . .

The Federal Court of Canada will hear the constitutional challenges to forced injections and other mandates (not supported by sound science) on October 31st.  I wonder if the CBC will cover the case fairly?

Sandra Finley

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