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2022 – Sept 28 video

I ignored Jordan Peterson after assessing a number of his videos a few years ago.  He made some good points, but there were (are?) elements of an unhealthy anger he used (uses?) that I associate with sophisticated levels of manipulative behavior.  

Later, I came across this 2018 video by a young woman “Angie“.  Angie explains the problems (and dangers) behind Peterson’s arguments much better than I could ever hope to. 

 On why Jordan Peterson succeeds where the left fails   (Jungian Archetypes and Masculinity).

(Remember that Peterson is speaking to audiences from an elevated position of doctor, clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of  Toronto, an academic.  He is an “authority”.)


Women’s Reality by Anne Wilson Schaef, originally published in 1981,

contains elaboration of a point that Angie makes:  “Masculinity” in these contexts is NOT about sex.  In our beings, we ALL have elements of the masculine and of the feminine.   If people miss that point,  the division between the sexes deepens, IMHO.

The “white male system” is as harmful for males as it is for females.  

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I listened to the January 2022 interview  

Brian Peckford, Jordan Peterson, and the Charter 

by Peterson – – but only because Brian Peckford was the interviewee.  Surprise! – – Peterson did a good job.  It was a good interview.   I re-posted it on my blog.  

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The interview at top of this posting,  2022-09-28,  is similarily worthwhile.   

Jordan Peterson with Piers Morgan 

And potentially helpful – –  hope-giving – – in my way of understanding the world.   DE-POLARIZATION is a requirement, if we are to back away from the angry, violent, and tyrannical world we are creating.

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Peterson has roughly 5 million followers world-wide via social media.   Overlapping,

Peterson is the bestselling author of 12 RULES OF LIFE (2018) which has sold over five million copies worldwide

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The message in this September 2022 video at top:  we have to learn to LISTEN to each other.   The anger is not helpful.

I think that Peterson is disclosing a personal and fairly recent story of transformation.  Think of the potential for good that is riding on this one video, given the size of Peterson’s following!   I hope that Peterson is being genuine and I am not being hood-winked!  

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2022-01-27 Brian Peckford, Jordan Peterson, and the Charter



2018-11-18 On why Jordan Peterson succeeds where the left fails


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