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Subject: re StatsCan and the construction of ID’s  (Personal Information Banks)

This is spreading quickly,  with more info being added as more people see it.   /Sandra

Please forward this email.

from Swift Current, SK.  StatsCan set up at the Fairgrounds.


Mysterious Canadian Govt Vans: Harassing Folks For Blood, Saliva & Urine Testing & More
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  1. Info just received. An explanation of Personal Information Banks (PIB’s) to collect and store data on Canadians.
  2. Link to the Citizen Journalist video,  what StatsCan is doing in Swift Current.
  3. Context from the 20 years in which our network has been fighting the involvement of Lockheed Martin Corporation at StatsCan.


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  1. Re PIB’s.  Email just received.  

People are reacting quickly. This is good.

The federal government has quietly begun the creation of Personal Information Banks (PIB) to collect and store data on Canadians. We were not consulted nor informed about the creation or existence of these databases and they are being collected without our permission or knowledge. Categories of information include biometrics (DNA, blood type, eye/facial scan, fingerprints, etc), personal biography, medical history, financial history, credit information, opinions or views of or about individuals, and much more.  (

INSERT (Sandra):  see the list below, copied from the Government website.  And don’t forget What Edward Snowden confirmed:  the data collection includes everything.  Your phone calls, emails, and all social media communications.

Here is a link to the government website describing the PIBs. Scroll to the last section for Categories of Information*:

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has quietly added it to their Privacy Terms so that in order to submit an application for benefits, such as the One-Time Housing Top Up they started offering in December, you must click that you agree to terms including “…being described in Personal Information Bank (under development)” in order to submit your application. It is also a term in the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) application. It quite likely will be a term for submitting your income tax return, so read those Privacy Terms when filing your taxes this year!

The federal government is using the federal health transfers to bribe the premiers to adopt a Big Tech-style data-for-services health care system. This means that your personal health records that used to be private and confidential between you and your doctor will now be entered into the PIBs to be shared between the federal government, their stakeholders, and whoever else they decide can have access […]

*PERSONAL INFORMATION BANK – – information will include.

https://www.canada.ca/en/treasury-board-secretariat/services/access-information-privacy/access-information/information-about-programs-information-holdings/standard-personal-information-banks.htm         copied on 2023-04-03,  11AM

And don’t forget What Edward Snowden confirmed:  the data collection includes everything.  Your phone calls, emails, and all social media communications.

Categories of Personal Information

The Description section in a personal information bank (PIB) describes the personal information in the records to which the bank relates. Treasury Board Secretariat has established the following categories of personal information, which give examples of specific elements of personal information that fall under each category. The purpose of the categories is to reduce the number of personal information elements that need to be listed in the Description section. These categories are representative of the personal information collected by most institutions, and they now appear in many of the registered PIBs.

  • Biographical information (e.g. work history, curriculum vitae, family information, hobbies, interests, etc.)
  • Biometric information (e.g. blood type, eye or facial scan, DNA, finger / hand prints, etc.)
  • Contact information (e.g. work and / or home information, including postal and e-mail addresses, telephone, fax, cell phone numbers, etc.)
  • Citizenship status (e.g. citizen, landed immigrant, etc.)
  • Credit card information
  • Credit history (e.g. credit reports / scores, liens, bankruptcies, third-party collections, etc.)
  • Criminal checks / history (e.g. information related to criminal record checks, investigations, charges, conviction dates and locations, pardons, etc.)
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Employee identification number (e.g. Personal Record Identifier, RCMP regimental number, Canadian Forces service number, etc.)
  • Employment equity information (i.e. information about aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and women)
  • Employee personnel information (e.g. records of attendance and leave, notices of disciplinary action, alternative work arrangements, decisions concerning compensation and fitness for work, official languages qualifications, salary, deductions, level of security clearance, performance reviews and appraisals, rating board assessments, including evaluation notes from staffing boards, training and development course applications and evaluations, etc.)
  • Financial information (e.g. income, investments, mortgages, loans, orders of garnishment, financial institution information for direct deposit and other banking purposes, including name and branch number of institution, account number(s) and name(s) on accounts, etc.)
  • Gender
  • Language (e.g. mother tongue, official and other languages, etc.)
  • Medical information (e.g. psychological assessments, physical disabilities, blood type, medical conditions, etc.)
  • Name (e.g. last name (surname/family name), given names (first, second or more), maiden name, nicknames, aliases, etc.)
  • Opinion or views of, or about, individuals
  • Other identification numbers (e.g. fishing license, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Photos
  • Physical attributes (e.g. height, weight, colour of hair and eyes, physical markings (scars, tattoos, body piercing), etc.)
  • Place of birth
  • Place of death
  • Signature
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)



This is especially, but not only, for people with a connection to Swift Current, SK. Swift Current is probably a “trial” operation.  The Ottawa bunch typically test in a smaller community, learn from the experience, make adjustments to the messaging AND THEN launch in larger Cities.


from Swift Current, SK.  StatsCan set up at the Fairgrounds.


Mysterious Canadian Govt Vans: Harassing Folks For Blood, Saliva & Urine Testing & More- OUTRAGEOUS!

WHERE ELSE WILL STATSCAN BE?  (with thanks to Stan):  I stopped the video, and read the list. It is stopping at more major centers across the country, and staying for a few weeks at each location.

It IS outrageous that StatsCan is now in the business of doing Blood, Saliva & Urine Testing – – HEALTH procedures.  They’ve brought these large, fully-equipped mobile work and lab trailers all the way from Ontario to western Saskatchewan for the purpose of in-person data collection.

Is it “Mysterious”?   Is it Sinister?  I’m biased after 20 years of StatsCan’s marriage with the American military (Lockheed Martin Corporation).   A few notes follow.   /Sandra

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I (Sandra) was in and out of Court (Saskatoon) for 5 years because of StatsCan and its involvement with the U.S. Military.


Lockheed Martin, War Economy, StatsCan, Charter Right Privacy, Trial


I would say that this (StatsCan at Swift Current) is about the ever-expanding construction of comprehensive digital files on individuals.   Not restricted to Canada.  (Canadians started the battle with StatsCan in 2003 (re the upcoming 2006 Census).  The battle has never really ended.  Thanks to the great citizen journalists and reporters in Swift Current, the battle is getting a great boost!


The Americans were largely oblivious to the fact that the work of their “Census Bureau” (our StatsCan) was hugely Contracted Out to Lockheed Martin Corp.  The “censuses” (think digital IDs) of the FVEY countries are all under “the steerage” of Lockheed Martin Corp.  Meaning “compatibility” of data (and doctrine, also interoperability)  from one country to another.  Old Joe Biden indeed had a mission in Canada this past week.


Swift Current:  StatsCan is trying to get compliance with their comprehensive health survey by offering $100, $150, or $175  (the longest survey is 3 hours),  for the “inconvenience” of coming to the Fairgrounds where they’ve set up.


StatsCan has been at the centre of data collection and construction of records on Canadians, working with Lockheed Martin Corp (U.S. military-industrial-Government-“knowledge”  complex)  for a long time.  Surveillance was at one time (maybe still is) listed on Lockheed Martin’s website as a specialty of theirs.  Lockheed’s participation in the Canadian census was listed – – for promotional purposes to other countries – – as an example of Lockheed’s  expertise.   “Census” is short for data collection through censuses AND surveys that are on-going year-round.


Censuses and surveys in one data base, throw in surveillance of all our phone calls, emails,(social media, etc.) Equals detailed records on Canadians, under threat of prosecution (fines and possible  jail time if you don’t comply with what they demand).  We know from the court trials for non-compliance in 2008 and 2013 – – ref https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?page_id=70  – –  we know that Lying under Oath is standard practice for the head haunchos at StatsCan.  Propaganda is de riguer.


I’d also mention that StatsCan made a play to gain access to the banking records of Canadians, directly from the Banks!  That was a few years ago, you may remember (there’s a posting on my blog with the details).  THE BANKS were the ones to turn down that request!  Saved us some work.  Too bad the Banks weren’t as honourable when it came to freezing bank accounts at the  Government’s bidding in 2022 re the Freedom Convoy.


Covid vaccinations are a component of bio warfare (think of the anthrax vaccinations that killed and permanently  maimed thousands and thousands of U.S. War Veterans).

          2021-04-19   The U.S. Military WOULD BE more resistant to forced vaccination. History forgotten (deliberately?). Forced Anthrax vaccination wrongly labeled “Gulf War                  Syndrome”   https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25332

Canada recently announced a big investment in Lockheed Martin weaponry.

(Canadians fought down the purchase of Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth bombers years ago.  But the deals are all made behind the scenes, eventually.  Lockheed is as crooked as they come.

They kind of took over in the aviation/drone industry in Saskatchewan.  And weaseled their way in through contract-funding with First Nations for “green” initiatives.

You want drones dropping bombs on your heads if they don’t like you?  Like the American Military (aided by the complicity of the Canadian Military) does in other countries?   Warfare done by drones from the skies above you? . . . they terrorize the people on the ground.  My understanding of linguistics says that the guys dropping the bombs, doing the terrorizing of people on the streets, are the terrorists.


Too much corruption  . . .  choose whichever scandal, outrage, or outright stupidity you like.


Keep rockin’!  Thanks to Swift Current for leading the gig.


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