Oct 232022

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The Globalist Criminal Mind: WTF Are They Thinking?! | John Leake



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True crime writer, John Leake, co-authored the book, The Courage to Face Covid-19 with Dr. Peter McCullough. The book is an in-depth chronological account of the systematic censorship and vilification of anyone, especially qualified medical professionals such as Dr. McCullough, who speak out against the Covid narrative.

Will and John go beyond the book…

  • How do we reach the fence sitters and show them the truth that they have been lied to?
  • What is John’s opinion as a crime writer on the thought process of globalists committing heinous crimes against humanity?
  • How has the globalist agenda affected the thinking of regulatory officials, especially within the medical profession?
  • Will we ever return to ‘science’ being a term that refers to facts and solid data, rather than a dogmatic expression which requires no substantiation?
  • What does John believe their next steps will be, and how can we counter them


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Hold Our Government Accountable | Sign the Petition



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Sign our petition to Justice Minister David Lametti to have the Peckford case heard!


Currently, a case is before the federal courts to find the federal government guilty of violating our Charter right to freedom of movement under the travel ban placed on unvaccinated Canadians.

The case is currently on hold as government lawyers are moving to have the case declared moot as the travel bans have been suspended (not cancelled). The hearing to have the case declared moot was heard before Justice Jocelyne Gagné on September 21st. She has yet to render her decision but is being pressured by government lawyers to drop the case against our government for violating our rights.


There is little time to act. If Justice Gagné decides to uphold our rights by moving ahead with the case, the date for resuming the hearing is October 31st. If not, the case will be cancelled.


Please sign and share this important petition and let Justice Gagné know we want our government held accountable for their actions.


Declaring this case moot would be no different than declaring an assault case moot because the assault is no longer in progress. The Canadian people allege that a crime has been committed by our government and we have a right to demand justice.


All petition signatures will be emailed to the office of David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.


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We rely on donations to fund our ongoing efforts to fight the mandatory vaccines, masks and lockdowns. As our organization expands we find that we are now having to hire contractors to handle some of the workload. This is in addition to our many other expenses such as a dedicated server, site security, brochures, email costs and much more.


Thank you for contributing to our efforts. We will win back our rights and freedoms, but it is likely to take some time to achieve. With your donations we’ll have the staying power to see this through to the end.


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