Nov 112022

My tribute to Remembrance

1.   Taps (Il Selencio), trumpet solo, 4 minutes to touch your soul: 

2.   Video   (Entering a URL does not always work.)    Start typing into a search:     Trucker

Two young fellows went to the Coutts blockade in Alberta, at the end of January, 2022.  This is their video.

Coutts, Alberta Canada – – Sweetgrass, Montana USA border crossing.

In the same time frame as the Freedom Convoy (Ottawa).

The video captures slices that could be overlaid on WW2

Lest We Forget.

IMPORTANT:  Random men in the crowded local pub became a dominant voice at different times,  as the rebellion moved into February.  You can pick them out.

Marco is the last person captured in the dominant role before the end of the video.  He is now on trial.


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