Nov 132022

On April 25, 2022, the Government of Canada established the Public Order Emergency Commission to inquire into the circumstances that led to the declaration of emergency that was in place from February 14-23, 2022, and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency. Justice Paul Rouleau was appointed Commissioner.  

October 13 until Friday, November 25, 2022

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. . .  an egregious revelation of which all Canadians should be aware.  From the live-stream.

Public Commission of Enquiry into the Invocation of the Emergency Act in Canada on February 14th, 2022.

In the lead-up to February 14th:

During the Monday, November 7th, 2022 livestream of the Hearings into the Invocation of the Emergency Act:

a CSIS communication to the Federal Cabinet was displayed.

CSIS advises the Cabinet NO to invocation of the Emergency Act.  

The job of CSIS is National Security:  to investigate activities suspected of constituting threats to the security of Canada and to report on these to the Government of Canada.

Earlier in the Enquiry (around Oct 17 or 18),  a communication coming through the Police collaborations (Municipal, Provincial and RCMP) going to the Federal Government recommended NO to Invocation of the Act.

I was greatly troubled when the Police communication became known.   The revelation re the CSIS communication was shocking to me:

the Federal Cabinet invoked the Emergency Act

in spite of Police and CSIS reports to them that said “don’t do it”.

The questioning by lawyers of testimony given at the Enquiry, leaves no doubt but that the reports were received and viewed prior to Invocation.


From the CSIS information

found and tabled by the lawyers for the Freedom Convoy,

and through the questioning of the testimony,

CSIS re Invocation of the Emergency Act:

it would motivate yet more Canadians to join the supporters of the Freedom Convoys.   And radicalize more who are already among the supporters.

(me speaking:  Radicalization:  the grievances are long-standing and serious.  Governments will not come to a table for discussion about resolution (the one demand of the protestors –  TALK with us.  That’s your job.).  Radicalization:  Peaceful, gigantic protest does not work, not even to get an audience.   What’s next . . . .  ?)

I see as evident:  Government lies and corruption have fostered serious distrust of Government.  “Trust us” is a joke.

CSIS knew more, of course, had more “intel”.   They monitor social media.  They have specialists to deal with political protests.   Surveillance, drones, . . .  They know that the protesters (Freedom Convoys) do not represent a single grievance, but many different ones related to covid mandates.

The unifying factors for the protestors would be freedom, peace, the rule of law, and stop lying (truth).  The Freedom Convoy has millions of supporters across Canada – – not said by CSIS, but credible tallies have been made.  CSIS will have its own estimates.

Before advising the Government (do not invoke the Emergency Act), CSIS would have established who the protestors are: largely peaceful and under control – – with the exception of provocateurs who turn up at every protest – – normal and expected;  there is no evidence of foreign funding, not even in Go Fund Me or Give Send Go;   support for these Canadian protestors is international;  they have international media on their side;  internationally the Canadian Government on this issue is mocked.   We recommend that you do not invoke the Emergency Act with its powers for the seizing of assets.

The Hearings will continue to November 25th.   The Report from the Commissioner is due in February 2023.      . . .

My greatest concern at this point is that Canadians know:  the Federal Cabinet invoked the Emergency Act in spite of Police and CSIS reports to them – – NO, don’t do it.

continue if you wish . . .

– – – – – – – – –

I have been watching the daily livestream.   Commissioner Rouleau is a Judge from the Ontario Court of Appeal.  He and Commission staff have gained a degree of public confidence.  This is after initial skepticism: Rouleau made a donation to the Liberal Party sometime in the past.   I observe the Enquiry to be competent and fair so far.  Through the process of enquiry,  a more balanced view of what happened in Ottawa with the Trucker (Freedom) Convoy at the end of January into February 2022 is emerging.

The body language of participants in the Enquiry is interesting and telling; I will spare you that!

Myself (and probably millions of Canadians who support the Freedom Convoy) are thankful for the wisdom of the people who drafted the Emergency Act.  A clause in the Act requires a Government that invokes the Act to hold a Public Commission of Enquiry afterward.  Thank God.

The CSIS and Police communications to the Federal Cabinet (Emergency Act – – don’t do it) would otherwise be scarcely known.  The information is buried in thousands upon thousands of documents.   It is to the credit of the lawyers for the Freedom Convoy that the documents were discovered.  As I understand it was through simple logic (a little outside the box these days?!):  who in Canada would have files related to the Convoy and National Security?   They sliced through all the red herring documents right to the heart of the matter – – CSIS  Bless them.

The lawyers for the Convoy to Ottawa have drawn out (cross-examination) that the Freedom Convoy protesters did not breach their resolve to maintain peaceful protest, a right of citizens.  No actual evidence of violence by their supporters has been presented by the Police or by other interests.   In essence, the criteria for Invocation of the Emergency Act did not exist.  If it does, it has not been presented thus far.

(Repetition:  The Hearings will continue to November 25th.   The Report from the Commissioner is due in February 2023.)

Numerous times during the testimony, it has been said that mainstream media is acting as a purveyor of the Government message, and not with journalistic integrity.

I have firsthand experience of the January 29th Convoy from Campbell River to Victoria, the thousands of protesters by the roadsides waving their Canadian flags.  14,000 to 15,000 people attended the Rally at the Legislature in Victoria on that memorable and amazing January 29th.   It is something to experience.

Do you know that there were large protests right across Canada on Jan 29, 2022?   Did Canadian media do its job, critical to democracy?  Protests have been continuous from well before Jan 29th and remain on-going.  Speakers, rallies, literature, social media.  The determination remains to fiercely hold onto our Rights and the Rule of Law.

Far beyond what has been told to the Commission so far, Protests have been on-going right across the country.  Vancouver Island, the Okanogan – –  just for example – –  have not been mentioned as far as I know.  The protestors in those areas number in the thousands.

If mainstream media fails, as it has, will politicians know the lay of the land?  They feed the propaganda machine but it’s not in their interest, any more than it fills the public need for reliable info.

Honks call out to supporters of the Freedom Convoy.  Supporters bond with these people who are giving voice to their long dark night. A ray of light breaks through.  The bond forms – – hope restored, love.  There is determination that together and ridded of divisive Government policies and rhetoric, we will regain lost ground in Canada.

I would not have a sense of the dynamic,  had I missed the live experience of it.  January 29th was the largest and best.  People of every size, shape and colour, happy together.  Embracing each other.  With clever home-made signs to make their point.   Self-policing, with Police in attendance.  Joy.

In response to my question, why did you come to this protest?,  I heard some very sad and unnecessary stories arising out of the covid mandates.  The release of tears helps people.  You know they will find their way forward in time.  And on that day they will know a measure of happiness and joy.  Others embrace them.

Nine months later, the damage done by covid mandates and lock-downs to people, families, and communities – – – which is the major grievance of the protestors – – – is yet more evident.  While many in the affluent society remain oblivious. Somehow.  Some in lonely disdain.

Mainstream media is fear-mongering, mis-representing and worse.  To the extent that they are covering the Commission of Enquiry, they are forced to – –  alternative media is filling the void Mainstream has vacated.

Live-streaming of the Commission’s hearings:

I wish to hear the testimony first-hand.  The Commission’s website tells you where to find it.  Mainstream media doesn’t carry it, as far as I know.  Rebel News does.   I find the commentary by lawyers Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk excellent.  Lawyer Brendan Miller for the Freedom Convoy is excellent. Tom Marazzo provides excellent commentary.  Another advantage of Rebel News:  their ability to connect with video footage what happened across Canada, not just in Ottawa.  AND they follow the court cases arising.

Alternative media is David versus Goliath who has all the money.  CBC receives more than a billion dollars in public funding with another  $400 million announced this week.  I used to tune in to Radio, but no longer.   The quality of the journalism is off-putting.  There are some very good local programmes and hosts on CBC Radio, but insufficient to balance off the propaganda.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, igniting the Freedom Convoy:

The Government declaration, effective January 15th, 2022 that Truckers now had to be vaccinated or submit to testing and quarantines when they cross the border.

The determination of two truckers (Chris Barber and Brigitte Belton) to “do something” ignited the kindling.

Their submissions to the Govt through the prescribed channels, and over years,  have not been heard.  (Also a common experience of mine.  I have the advantage of age.  I have known a different time when the public was not deliberately manipulated, when they could not be so manipulated.  Coming out of WW2, the educational system taught and practiced skills necessary for public participation in democracy.  To ALL children.  It started in grade 4 in my case.  My Mother, age 95, recounts her senior high school classes.)

The only way that much more than $10 million dollars was – – could be – –  donated in support of the Freedom Convoy  is because of the widespread  disaffection with the Government.

It has been established that the majority of the donations came from Canadians.  There were some large donations ($5,000), lots in the $100 to $500 range; most were small.  It is the sheer numbers of people who contributed, and are still contributing,  that make the fight to hold onto Rights possible.

The crowd-funding was frozen early on and remains inaccessible to the Freedom Convoy.  But People have never stopped finding ways to help the Freedom Convoy.

The sometimes-butchered name of a Saskatchewan friend has come up in testimony and serves as example: How did the Ottawa Convoy pay for the hotel rooms?   The answer is that Joe Bourgault travelled to Ottawa, saw there was no accessible money and simply paid the hotel bills.  Un-asked.  Individual initiative is a characteristic of the Freedom Convoy and their supporters – –  movers and shakers when called upon. People do whatever they can to help out.  It makes everything possible.

Without the huge and immediate crowd-funding,  the Freedom Convoy would have been no real threat to the powers-that-be.  Convoys are not new.  But a million bucks in pocket suddenly catapulted The Cause onto a more level playing field.  Immediate widespread attention and solidarity, enough to carry the Freedom Convoy past the inaccessible funds.

Lawyers for some of the governments-police interests represented at the Enquiry have been determined to establish:

–        It is impossible that two truckers, Barber and Belton who didn’t know each other prior to the Convoy, could have mobilized, organized, communicated, gained an international following, and raised the money (well in excess of $10 million) without having foreign interests behind them.   They and Tamara Lich were on the road to Ottawa 10 days after they determined to do the Convoy.  Word spread through networks and social media like wild fire.  The GoFundMe account jumped by a million dollars over night.

–        Well, what happened IS inconceivable.   But, it happened.

Canadians are obviously well-connected. Have an attitude (empowered).  And deep-seated grievances.

A constant message to supporters is  PEACEFUL PROTEST and RESPECT FOR POLICE.   If not, you’re out.

Throughout, it has been Convoy members themselves who have assumed responsibility for working with the Police, communicating with them from the day they set out on the journey from the West.

You know that Police and CSIS will have tried to trace backwards from the two originators (Barber and Belton)  to large nefarious forces.  In my realistic view, CSIS said “NO” to the Federal Government on Invocation of the Emergency Act, because they could not uncover anything;  there was and is nothing to uncover.

People came together voluntarily; it is often referred to as “organic” organizing, or a “leaderless” mass.  In other contexts, I think that “self-organizing” is the same or similar phenomenon.

In my view, a difficulty for authorities is that their modus operandi conventionally requires the designation of “leaders” to whom “fault” can be assigned and prosecuted.   They HAVE TO punish to set an example to others, to discourage others from standing up for the Rule of Law. 

At the Enquiry I hear,  “Who told you . . .”, or “Who led . . .”, or “Do you know (one of the people jailed for being seen to be a leader)?/  Did you have conversations with…?  When did you first meet . . .?   Who introduced you . .  .?  Who are the leaders?  (We want to put them in jail, fine them, castrate them.  Give us the evidence we need.)  Make sure there is a long memory of what happens to anyone who is involved in protest, no matter how legal it is.

Bank accounts and cards, access to money was frozen without notification or explanation.  Try that one on.  Neither was there notification or explanation when the frozen was unfrozen.

My hope is that we all learn more about ourselves, about the cancer of corruption in Canada, through Covid and the Invocation of the Emergency Act.

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