May 172023

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A SET of   7  postings allows me to construct a broader picture of where we stand today.  (Make that 8 Postings) and in case you missed it,  Robert F Kennedy Jr is seeking the Democratic Nomination in the U.S..  Do not expect to hear it on the CBC.  On April 25th their pundits discussed who was in the running for the presidency of the USA.  They concluded Biden and Trump, no serious other contenders.  There was zero mention of Robert F Kennedy Jr.  So I guess it will be us who make it known to each other.

Updates on the National Citizen Inquiry are at the very bottom.  Worrisome.

1.                   2023-03-22 Government Report on Vaccine Injuries, deaths: $$ Paid Out  (Canada)

2.2023-03-14  Swift Current SK  Video  StatsCan, Govt Trailers: Harassing Folks For Blood, Saliva & Urine Testing. Personal Information Banks (PIB’s). History, Lockheed Martin partnered with StatsCan.     (The Swift Current video is the first I have heard mention of PIB’s.  The next posting breaks the PIB information out into its own posting.)

3.2023-04-03   PERSONAL INFORMATION BANK (PIB) – – information includes   (This is Your Personal information, in Government-owned “data Banks”.)  Familiarize yourself with what is in their Bank about You.)   Source:  Govt website.

4.    2023-03-02   Maria Ressa on facing down dictators, disinformation and standing up for democracy, Author “How to Stand Up to a Dictator”, Nobel Laureate. CBC Radio interview.  


5.     2023-03-  Maria Ressa, author of “How to Stand Up to Dictators”, interviewed by Stephen Colbert

6.     2023-03-21 Manitoba family files lawsuit against AstraZeneca  (21 year-old son, healthy, working at Whistler (2021).  6 days after the AstraZeneca vaccine, devastation hits.  Today,  Jordan Reimer is blind, will never again live on his own, will never fully recover;  brain injury (hemorrhage). Problems with the vaccine were KNOWN.  They rolled it out anyway.  The family of Jordan Reimer isn’t the only casualty.  The defendants in the lawsuit are AstraZeneca Canada Inc., Verity Pharmaceuticals Inc., Vail Resorts Inc., Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and the Attorney General of Canada.


7.2022-10-28 Covid protests, Vocabulary and Context.   WE WILL DO BETTER . . .  NEXT TIME!   say the Police.

Please find your voice.  Talking with other people is most effective.  Become strong at the local level.  Form a group or whatever.   I believe Maria Ressa.  She speaks from first-hand experience of corrupt, authoritarian regimes (the Philippines).

She tells Canadians:  you are at the precipice.  You must become the citizens that your country needs, before it is too late.

This set of postings is meant to make our situation clear.  Do not be afraid to talk.  It is the way we will win.   (I read Ressa’s book,  “How to Stand Up to a Dictator”.)

Also,  there are very good aids on the internet telling what people in other communities are doing to build their strength.  Deliberate and effective steps.

An update, May 2nd:   Rebel news has started a lawsuit against the Government,  challenging Bill C-11.


  1. I have to spend some time with Maya Angelou!   I only know her superficially.

Here she is in a video series done by Oprah.




The Inquiry has wrapped up in Winnipeg, in Saskatoon, and in Red Deer.

Today (April 28),  Epoch News is carrying the headline below.

I checked the NCI website;  did not find the announcement,  but they are very under-resourced.

The continuing schedule for the NCI Meetings is at  

UPDATE:   May 5th

National Citizens Inquiry

@citizensinquiry4.19K subscribers 24 videos

Our account has been restricted for 7 days – we will be live streaming the Toronto hearings on our other social media platforms, and at



National Citizen’s Inquiry Suspended by YouTube


Carry on!  It’s a sunshine day.



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