Jun 262023


You may be interested in the following sent to CBC today.

About their status quo reporting, failure to make a relevant connection – – IRVING.


Sent: June 26, 2023 10:47 AM
To: thecurrent     @      cbc.ca
Subject: re Child welfare services, New Brunswick and elsewhere in Canada


TO:  The Current

Regarding your coverage of our collective failure to create nurturing environments for our children, 2023-06-26.  (Child welfare services, New Brunswick and elsewhere in Canada)

  • A few years ago the same conversation might more likely have been in the context of First Nations kids, the abuses they suffered in dysfunctional communities.

Today, significant advances in the health of (some, not all) First Nations communities have been achieved.  The kids begin to shine.

More data, statistics and studies was the mantra of decades past.  Think of the First Nations.  “Whites” being well paid to study fetal alcohol syndrome on reserves.  Or water quality.  Or sexual abuse of children.  More outside expertise to solve problems.

It seems to me that experience speaks loudly:

  • It is when THE COMMUNITY throws off the chains of belief that “SOMEONE ELSE WILL FIND THE SOLUTIONS FOR US”  that dramatic progress starts to happen.  Progress that is contagious.
  • The CENTRALIZATION OF POWER that comes about through Policy Documents that call for “MORE Provincial money (meaning give responsibility to the Province)”,  “MORE Federal money (meaning give responsibility to the Feds)”,  MORE data, MORE research, MORE documents, when people haven’t time to read the contents of the existing files, is counter-productive.  It ensures that not much will be accomplished, no matter how great the need.

Systems of governance make a difference.  In the debate about the failure of the Child Protection function in New Brunswick there will be no mention of who runs the province and in whose interests.  Come on.  The Lords of the Province are notoriously the  Irvings.   Not only do they own the resources;  they own almost all the media.

I think you’re not a realist if you actually believe that the System of entrenched Corporate Governance in New Brunswick, will suddenly care about the “little girl (7 years old)” who, along with siblings, has been shamelessly abused.  With the awareness of “the System”.

What’s needed is an uprising of Mothers.  Not MORE data and studies that prolong denial and suffering.

Sandra Finley

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