Jun 092023

(Minor edits have been made)


Your Call to Action uses data for accessing the backend of my blog.   There is only one way you could have that data on your data base.   It came to you from Facebook.

By using  the Facebook portal, you have identified to me that F/B has appropriated my username for gaining entry to the backend of my blog.  It is the ONLY place where I use this particular username.  I am flabbergasted that you have it.

I stopped using F/B and Twitter some time ago.  Speaking frankly, I am appalled by your trust of F/B.

I refer you to https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=27731   – – Maria Ressa’s excellent book, How To Stand Up to a Dictator.

The book includes Ressa’s personal story about Zuckerberg and Facebook.  Collaboration with them may be convenient; it comes with very high costs to democracy.

Ressa has been awarded a Nobel prize for her work.  I suggest you read How To Stand Up to a Dictator.

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